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Swami says that events happen according to Samayam and Sandarbham, that is, according to time and circumstances, including in the life of an Avatar. Devotees, especially from overseas, repeatedly prayed to Swami to permit them to launch radio links, internet links and what not, so that His Golden Voice and Message could be flashed across the globe instantly. As if He was putting into practice His own maxim, Baba invariably smiled when such requests were made but otherwise remained non-committal. And then, when no one was in the least expecting it, Radio Sai Global Harmony burst on the scene with stunning rapidity. It all started rather casually - or so it seemed. But the speed with which events moved subsequently clearly indicates that the outcome was Divinely ordained.

Sometime in September 2001, two distinguished visitors came to Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital in Bangalore. They were Dr. Noah Samara, CEO, WorldSpace Corporation, and Dr. Michael Nobel, Chairman, Nobel Family Society, and a Member of the Board of Directors of WorldSpace. Dr. Nobel is the great grand nephew of Dr. Alfred Nobel, the founder of Nobel Prize. These two gentlemen were in Bangalore on official work connected with WorldSpace, and having heard about a "dream hospital" they decided that they must see it before leaving Bangalore. When they saw the hospital, they both were amazed - no surprise in that.

Immediately, they were seized with the irresistible urge to have Swami's Darshan, and that is how they both found themselves in Puttaparthi; such a trip was not at all in their schedule, but, nevertheless, it happened. Who can deny the play of the "unseen hand"? Dr. Samara and Dr. Nobel were duly blessed with a Divine Interview, in the course of which Dr. Samara offered at the Lotus Feet an entire digital radio channel for broadcasting Swami's Message of Love and Compassion to the entire world. Dr. Samara quickly followed up on his idea of using satellites in conjunction with digital radio broadcasting by first setting up the WorldSpace Corporation in America. He then had a satellite launched and positioned over Africa; this satellite, called Afristar, covers not only the whole of Africa but a sizeable part of Europe as well. After this came the Asiastar which took care of the Asian continent. In fact, Dr. Samara's visit to Bangalore was in connection with promoting WorldSpace operations in India. In 2002, WorldSpace expects to launch its third satellite, the Ameristar, extending coverage to the American continent.

On the morning of 23rd November, 2001, amidst Bhagawan's 76th Birthday Celebrations, when Bhagawan pressed the button and put Radio Sai on the air, it was a dream come true not only for the congregation in Sai Kulwant Hall but for the devotees all across the world who have been dreaming and praying for the same all through. The public address system in Sai Kulwant Hall began to relay the inaugural broadcast coming from a digital radio specially placed inside the Mandir and tuned to the Asiastar satellite hovering some 23,000 miles above the earth!

Radio Sai Global Harmony is operated by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam as a part of its mandate to spread Swami's Message. The broadcast programme is prepared in Prasanthi Nilayam and then sent to Melbourne in Australia where the satellite uplink station is located. From there, the signals are sent to Asiastar which then re-radiates back to earth. The programme schedule includes Divine Discourses, Music including Vocal Bhajans, Instrumental Bhajans, excerpts from concerts in the Divine presence, talks, interviews with eminent personalities etc. The schedule is arranged for the convenience of people in different time zones.

Some time ago, Swami said during a Discourse that when we sing Bhajans, the subtle sound vibrations thus generated spread throughout the world and indeed the universe; not only that, they get absorbed and become latent in all material objects present in the universe. Bhagawan added that if we sing Bhajans with true love for God, these subtle vibrations can in fact cleanse the world and promote peace as well as harmony. Shortly Swami's voice can be heard in every strife-torn part of Asia! Soon it will do so throughout the world. Can there then be any doubt that Peace WILL prevail?

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