Frequently Asked Questions

I am a devotee from Overseas interested in reading Sai Literature. I would like to know the International Centres outside India where Sai Literature is available for sale?

I would like to purchase books and audio visual items from your sales centre. How do I proceed about it?

What are the different modes of despatch of books and audio visual items for overseas countries?

Do you have V.P.P. (value payable post) system of payment against book orders?

Do you accept credit cards against book orders?

I have placed an order with you for some books and audio visual items couple of months back. I have received two parcels of audio visual items, but have not received any book items. Please clarify?

In case of non-receipt of ordered books whom should be contacted?

We are devotees from overseas. We wish to become distributors of Bhagawan’s books/pictures etc. How do we go about it?

We would like to order other than books Baba lockets, vibhuti etc., from your book store at Prasanthi? Please send us a list of items available with us.

When I order books or audio visual items from your sales centre in Prasanthi Nilayam, how long it takes to reach my destination?

How do you calculate Postal tariff for dispatch of your items from Prasanthi Nilayam?

I am a devotee from overseas and would like to place an order for your publications. I would like to use International Money Order but my bank needs some additional information for transaction. They are: Beneficiary Account No. Address and Codes of the Beneficiary Bank.

I am a devotee from overseas and have placed a bulk order for Sai Publications from Prasanthi Nilayam. I am also in receipt of your Forwarding Memo intimating that you have despatched all these books in 12 packets in time. Now, I have received a intimation from our postal department that they cannot deliver more than 5 packets at a time as per postal regulations in our country. I need your advise as to how to go about with bulk ordering in such cases.

I am a devotee settled in Canada and would like to order for Sai Literature from your book store at Prasanthi? Can I make remittance in Canadian Postal Order? Please clarify.