(Dr. Frank G. Baranowski from Arizona University was a scientist who has explored the recesses of the human body and mind. In particular, the auras that form the bio-magentic field around the body and that reveal, when photographed and Interpreted, the traits of emotional make up and the predominant features of the urges of the mind. Facts gleaned from a study of the holy men of India have played a major part in his researches into the workings of the mind and in clinical hypnosis. When he was in Bangalore, for over a week in July 1977, he addressed the students of the Sri Sathya Sai College on the 30th July, on the Phenomena of Man, illustrating his conclusions with slides depicting in colour the human aura. That same evening, he spoke to a group of 665 Teachers from Andhra Pradesh, undergoing an Orientation Course, in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan, on Spiritual Education.) (extracted from The Sanathana Sarathi Archives Sept 1978).

"I am very glad to be here this evening, and talk to you, on the Phenomena of Man. We are understanding more about man each day, and about the most important aspect of man—that simple four letter word, LOVE. I am sure you must have heard that someBhagawan with the authour years ago, a camera has been perfected for what is called Kirlian photography, which takes pictures of the energy bands that surround the human body. With this camera, we can photograph the `aura' of man, which very often extends beyond the limits of his physical body. The aura is generated by the inside of a person, the energy, the Love, the emotions. It comes out clear in the picture: that we can now take. Since 1969, thousands of pictures have been taken and studied by means of this bio-magnetic field radiation photography and we can now say whether or when a person feels Love, extends Love and showers Love. The halos or aura around people is of pronounced colours. Energy is white; when a person is full of Love, the aura around him is blue and when the Love is pronounced, it becomes pink. When a person is filled with hate, the blue becomes red. These bands can be seen, too, by trained eyes, after a series of exercises. Time does not permit me to show you the photographic evidence of what I am saying, but, let me assure you, we have it.

Strange things happen to your body when you hate, and are in anger. In one moment of anger, you use enough electric energy to light a two cell flash bulb, for three months! So, scientific and clinical evidence tells us to Love. Love is what you have to develop and share with others. We can, with our perfected cameras, now photograph five different types of aura—physical, psychical, moral, spiritual, and intellectual. They are basically five, but the auras can change colour as affected by the emotions.

I have met over a hundred holy men is India. Too many of these holy men are involved with their own personal egos. Their auras show mostly their concern for themselves and their institutions. So, they are only a foot broad or perhaps two feet. I am not a devotee, I have come here from America, as a scientist, to see Sai Baba.

I saw Him, on Sunday standing there, on the balcony, giving Darshan to the devotees singing below. The aura Swami projected was not that of a man. The white was more than twice the size of any man's, the blue was practically limitless, and then there were gold and silver bands beyond even those, far beyond this building, right up to the horizon. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

His aura is so strong that it is affecting me, standing by the chair on which He is sitting. I can feel the effect and I have to wipe my arm, off and on, as you must have noticed. It is very difficult for me to admit. I am a scientist. I have given over 6000 lectures in all parts of the world, but for the first time, believe me, my knees are shaking. The aura that emanates from Swami shows His Love for you. I have met a number of holy men, but, no one of them has made himself as available to you, as He does. That is a sign of greatness.

Many years ago, we had a philosopher named Ralph Waldo Emerson in the United States. He was once asked, "What is success in life?" And, he replied, "To laugh often and much, to win the affection of children, to find the best in others, to endure the betrayal of false friends, to make the world a little better place to live in than when we were born into it by rearing a little garden patch, improving some social condition or helping a child to grow healthier. To know that one life breathes easier, since you lived, that is success.” Swami has given you the key to success—the simple four letter word, LOVE. If ever I can use the phrase that I have seen LOVE walking on two feet, it is here.

(Dr. Baranowski resumed his seat, and Bhagavan began His Discourse. Dr. Baranowski, indeed all of him, sat watching Bhagawan with amazement and avidity; when the discourse was concluded, the Dr. asked for permission to speak for a little while more).

"I have been watching Swami, while He was addressing you. The pink aura that was manifesting was so vast and strong that it went even beyond the wall behind His chair. It filled this big hall, embracing all of you gathered here. There can be no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. I have watched Him for a week, now, as He has walked among you, morning and evening I have seen His aura, pink in colour, go into the person He is talking to or touching, and returning back into Him. This is because we draw on His energy. His energy seems to be endless. It spreads everywhere and can be drawn upon by every one around. An ordinary man will soon get exhausted, going round as he does, among so many. I have watched him come to a little girl, in a wheel chair and tickle her. I was astounded at the aura of love that was all around him then.

I was not brought up in any belief, though I am, a Christian born and a Roman Catholic, the scientific community in my country finds it difficult to accept a God. It is not scientific, they assert. I am risking my reputation when I make this statement. Two days ago, right outside this Hall, I looked into His eyes; they have a glow inside them. It was clear to me that I had looked into the face of Divinity. There is no scientific explanation for this; they should not. But, they do.

In my estimation, He is exactly, what He appears to be, what He wants you to be, what He tells you to be, .... Love. That is what He is.

I have spoken on platforms where President Ford of the United States, Queen Elizabeth II, of Great Britain and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands have been present. But, I will never forget this experience. It is really overwhelming in its impact.