Forty Years ago Indra Devi wrote about His mysterious Divine Sport that once hastened her to Prasanthi Nilayam as wanted by Him...and how the Lord read her mind reciprocating to her prayers...Read on for yet another interesting snippet from His Story as published in the May, 1969 issue of Sanathana Sarathi.


The parting with Baba was easy. He had so entirely filled my being that i did not feel like being separated from Him by distance. One day, just before the starting of the Crusade for Light in Darkness at San Diego City, i was driving all by myself, from Los Angeles to Tecate, when all of a sudden, it started to drizzle. Normally, we never have rains in June. So i turned on the windshield wiper and continued, singing the Prasanthi Nilayam Bhajan in full voice. Suddenly, one of the wipers flew off with such force that one would infer it was torn off, by a strong hand.

"Bhagawan?" i wondered aloud, "Is anything wrong?" i went ahead, but, soon, was unable to continue, as the rain got stronger and i had to get off the freeway. (The freeways in America are a network of four or more lanes, built for motor traffic exclusively to connect one town to another. The speed limit on them is 65 miles per hour, but, 70 is still legal.) To find a gas station to replace the missing wiper “Madam,” exclaimed the attendant, after glancing at the front wheel, “you are lucky, because you could have met with a disastrous accident.” He was right. Driving with a punctured tire at the speed of 70 miles per hour would have ended in a catastrophe.

“Thank You, Bhagawan,” i said, silently, turning to Him. So, it was Your hand that tore off the wiper with such force that i could almost see You doing it.”

i very often speak to Him, when no one is around. This is one of the reasons I like to be alone, which is not always easy, with so many people around—students, visitors to our yoga center, secretaries, helpers. But, somehow, i always manage to slip away and be alone with Him, whose image is constantly on my lips, and whose voice rings constantly in my ears. Giridhara Gopala, is followed by Govinda Krishna Subrahmanyam and Syamasundara Madanmohana. i remember telling Him once, that Krishna charmed people with the tone of the flute, while He (Bhagawan) is charming them by the tone of His Voice.

Two months later, in August. i was, to my own surprise, again on the way to India! This unplanned trip was made, because the silver medallion Baba had given me was gone, in spite of the chain around my neck being intact. “Probably Sai Baba wants you to come," suggested my husband. "Probably," i agreed, and promptly booked the passage. After reaching Prasanthi Nilayam, I immediately told Baba about it. “You would not have come otherwise.” He smiled! “Will You then give it back to me, Bhagawan?” I asked. “Yes, Yes, Yes” He assured.

During my short stay at Prasanthi Nilayam, i started, at His wish, Yoga classes for the Patasahala boys, who turned out to be the best students i ever had. When the last lesson was over, we all sat around Baba and He gave me a ‘ring’ which He ‘took’ from the air. “The Satwaguna,” He said, pointing to the precious gemstones. Back in my room, i felt uneasy about it since i had given up wearing jewels, since 1938, when i started teaching Yoga. i felt i could wear a ring only if it had His image.

The next morning, the first thing Baba told me in the interview was "Give me the ring it is not right". Holding it up between two fingers, He blew on it three times, thereby transforming the many gems into a single diamond! We all sat speechless and enthralled. ‘In this you and you alone will see My image", He said. "Isn’t it what you wanted?" He asked.

i bowed to His Feet and thanked Him for it. Yet i wanted the medallion which i had come for. "This one?” He asked, holding it up in His Hand. i was overjoyed to get it back.

Prasanthi Nilayam is too small in size to be found on any map; but, it has become the biggest in meaning to millions of people, including myself. i even declined a flattering proposition to establish my own Yoga center, in 3 places in India; for, i could not well imagine myself staying in any other place, but Prasanthi Nilayam, or wherever Bhagawan might be. He has so completely filled my life that my first and last thought and every other one, in between are about Him. i speak of Him, on lecture platforms, at home, in classes or wherever i happen to be!

The young people in America are on cross-roads, searching, running away from homes, revolting, resorting to outbursts of violence, drugs and even suicide. They are desperate. There is no one to guide them. The San Diego State College which has 20,000 students has already sent an invitation to Bhagawan. Of late, many youths have become really interested in meditation, Yoga and Indian music. i know that Bhagawan would be the real answer to their quest, and to their problems.

Not only youngsters, every one needs Him, everywhere, especially, in America.

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