Prasanthi Christmas

Christmas morn, the world is born
Anew in Love for Sai the Lord
Countless flames shine bright, so bright,
And fill the sky with heavenly light.
Glad sounds of joyous praises fill
The air with happiness and still
More joy awaits the watching ones.
For, yes indeed. the Lord, He comes;
With Blessings Pure, Boundless Love
He showers on devotees from above.
He is the Moon, He is the Sun,
He is the Father of the Son.
The world has waited many years
For Him whose glance removes all fears,
And Peace and Joy ripple out in waves,
As we sing the praise of Him who saves
The world from doubt as to the Truth of Man,
As He unfolds His Glorious Plan;
To lead all people to tire One,
The Source, the end, the Infinite Sun.
Hallelujah! all praises be,
To Sathya Sai, for we are He!

—Phillip Cottingham, New Zealand.

When God descends on Earth

Bells rang joyously to announce
The descent of the Divine Child.
From the celestial skies
A shower of flowers wafted through
The jasmine perfumed air blowing mild
A gentle stroke of the silver cradle
Kept its rhythm with the beat of drum,
Rapturous, divine music flowed
From the nearby hills.
Flutes played melodious tunes
From this charming Cow-boy.
Yes! Every soul had a song to hum.
Sparkling pink light shone
from the dew-pearled valleys
and the peacock blue-streams
Seemed to dance in delight
At the ecstatic smile divine
from tiny rose hued lips. His eyes
radiated a glance of heavenly joy.
Locks curling down His forehead
and a small mole on His tiny cheek,
Indeed a symbol to ward off
the evil and the wicked,
a sign of promise to the helpless
and hope to the poor and the meek.
His small feet toddled on the sands,
an eternal home for His thronging devotees.
Manifesting divine powers,
He cures the illness and ignorance of the world.
The Sai flag of Truth, Righteousness
Peace and Love has been unfurled.

—V. Indira Manasa, Anantapur Campus.

from the March 1990 edition of Sanathana Sarathi.
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