The inner urge, the surge for a glimpse of the Divine is every sadhaka’s yearning and this surge dispels the laid down protocols and disciplines. And the power, the peace that comes out of this surge can be seen only by the Divine and felt and cherished only by the individual. How often the human mind fails to understand this inner surge of devotees flocking to Prasanthi Nilayam? Read on for an account by Sri P.S.Menon published in the September 1960 issue of Sanathana Sarathi…

Last Dasara, on the day when the poor were fed, I and few others were holding back the thousands, beyond the gate of Prasanthi Nilayam for over two hours, when suddenly, in obedience to someone’s orders, they broke all barriers and rushed pell-mell to the pandal, to the left of the Nilayam! I was very much annoyed that all our labour had gone to waste; but, Baba called me towards the pandal saying “Menon! Go and see that all are seated in rows. I am coming.” I went to the pandal and was surprised to see all that motley mass arranged in perfect rows. Baba came there in a few minutes. He walked along the rows, and turning towards me, said “Menon! Look at the wonderful variety of Creation!” That was a revealing remark. Those words opened my eyes. Yes, there must have been present in that pandal, at that time many pious souls, sadhakas, saints, seekers, pretenders, penitents, idlers, idealists, castaways, morons, misfits, and many other types besides, making up this vast multicoloured panorama of humanity. The scene was not something to be viewed with disgust. As I was prone to; it was something to be watched, and studied with sympathy and discrimination.

A few hours later when the feeding had started and Baba had served with His Hand the sweets to the poor, Himself to each and everyone, I was in the kitchen near the pile of the rice, straightening my back to relieve the strain. Suddenly, Baba appeared before us. He asked me, “Grand, isn’t it?” I replied, “Yes, Swami. There must be at least three thousand.” But Baba smiled and said, “Not that! The Shanti and the Ananda here now… How is that?” Significant words those two! Yes, they revealed to me my error, in getting disgusted with the noise and confusion all around me. I must have concentrated, instead on the Ananda that the poor got and the consequent Shanti that prevailed in their minds. These were more real, than the noise and confusion, certainly.

Thus does Baba, by a casual remark, a word or two, reveal to the ignorant the significance of things and events. He is the Sadguru, the Great Teacher.

Bhagawan on Namasmarana

The name of God is the most effective tonic; it will keep off all illness. Do not indulge in Namasmarana as a pastime, or a fashion or passing phase or as an unpleasant part of an imposed timetable or as a bitter quota to be fulfilled each day. Think it as a Sadhana to be seriously taken up for the purpose of reducing your attachments of fleeting objects, purifying and strengthening you and liberating you from the cycle of birth and death. Hold fast to it as the means of rescuing yourself in every way from the bonds of time and change. It has to become as much as a must, as breathing, as welcome to the tongue as sugar; as essential for happy living as sleep or food or water. Rise every day with the thought of God; go back to bed with the thought of His Glory as enshrined in His Name. Have faith in His Name and repeat it whenever you get the chance.