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Posted at 01:09:09 Hrs. IST on 23 Dec 2009

On 22 Dec 2009, Tuesday, Sri Sathya Sai University had a special agenda with Bhagawan. The University’s newly developed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was blessed and commissioned by Bhagawan in a small function held in the bhajan hall in the evening at 4:30 Hrs.

University Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Controller of Examinations and the Principal of Prasanthi Nilayam campus were joined by a group of faculty members who had been working on the same seeking Divine Blessings on the memorable occasion. This ERP system would help in planning and designing as well for the entire University Management System.

Salient features and usefulness of the newly developed system was explained to Bhagawan with the aid of power point presentation. Prof. Anantaraman, faculty, School of Business Management, Accounting and Finance took the lead explaining the features in Kannada.

Bhagawan was the keen observer in the hall, setting Himself as an ideal. An interesting episode to depict the keenness of Bhagawan while watching and listening the presentation. As various quotes of Bhagawan came up in between the presentation, the professor read out one saying, "Swami, so much of quotes (about the purpose of the university) from the Convocations have been included here." Swami retorted, "I told that, not during the convocation, but during the inauguration of Anantapur College!" The Professor was humble in accepting Bhagawan’s version.

The schedule for the execution of the various modules of the UMS was also presented to Bhagawan and there was a collective submission and prayer to Bhagawan to officially inaugurate the same. As the name and password had been typed, Bhagawan hit the "Enter" key, pressing the UMS for the University into service. The University website that has been revamped was also presented to Bhagawan explaining features in short detail.

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Various stakeholders who were involved in the making of the system and the website were blessed by Bhagawan with Paadanamaskaar. Staff members working in the University Administrative Block were also present during the occasion.

In the meanwhile Bhajans were on and upon completing the presentation Bhagawan came on to the dais, cutting across the upper verandah, blessing scores of devotees. As soon as He was seated, He pointed to a student and conveyed that He had noticed him in a photo during the presentation! The boy did not seem to understood then, but his joy knew no bounds when he realized the special Grace after the evening's Aarthi! The bhajans were on in full gusto and enthusiasm.

During one of the bhajans, Swami told the singing student, "Sing Hanumath Sevita". (Praise the Lord as He is served by Hanuman). The next bhajan was "Kausalyatmaja Rama Charan" which indeed contained that line! As the bhajans concluded, Swami called the “Dance Troupe” (group of boys) which was holding a huge card for blessing, occasion being the 5th anniversary since the inception of the group. The elaborate and ornate card contained photos of their momentous moments when they had been blessed to put up dance programmes in the Divine presence. Bhagawan most magnanimously blessed the entire group sprinkling Akshata grains. New anklets and sticks for Dandia were also blessed by Bhagawan. Posing curious He asked the troupe as to when they would be ready with their next programme, and  pat came the reply:  "Whenever Swami says." "Let us see on Thursday, was His reaction.  As the boys returned to their respective seats, His hands rose in “Abhaya” Posture, conferring blessing to one and all!

Christmas is getting closer and the Christmas Flavour started showing up in Mandir as well. The Dais and the centre area along with the pillars were already decorated and one could see the Christmas Volunteers and Decoration team transporting decoration items to the mandir, as part of decking up His Abode and Prasanthi Mandir.

The Overseas Choir is steadily progressing with their rehearsal sessions, most meticulously done, resonating the Prasanthi air, purifying the same with hymns on the arrival of Baby Jesus and so were the little wards from overseas countries getting readied with the Children Choir.

As the evening was conceding to the twilight at Prasanthi, she was indeed sensing the Christmas flavour!

(with inputs from Team Radio Sai)