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yet another display of Divine Love…

World is a big stage and we have greater lessons to learn watching it. With Bhagawan, one has to be on a constant watch as every moment is counted and if one is focused you have lessons galore to learn. After a momentous Thursday, the day when Bhagawan decided to bless the University Campus in Prasanthi Nilayam by His Divine visit, came a pleasant Friday. Though summer’s clutch has been loosened, it has not left the spiritual township completely and the day’s weather has been a mix of both summer and rainy season; and by the time for evening darshan, weather became bit chill with ominous signs of rains.

In the evening, Bhagawan came for a complete round just after 4:30 p.m. and came on stage for a brief spell watching students chanting the Veda. Bhajans started at the scheduled hour at 5:00 and Bhagawan came on stage yet again. …And following Him came the showers lashing from the heavens as if the mythical ‘Rain God’ was waiting for the Over Lord to come and occupy the dais. Lashing rains with strong winds splashed the rain drops all around bringing in chilly feeling. With Bhagawan on stage granting coveted darshan, with bhajans on, hundreds of devotees who had been waiting outside the main gate next to the Sita Rama statue got stranded in the rains leaving them completely drenched.

Bhagawan, the silent witness that He is ever, whose foremost precept “Love All Serve All - Help Ever Hurt Never” has been the epitome of His teachings had something to demonstrate and thus to teach the vast congregation of devotees. Though bhajans were on, He was glued to the main gate where hundreds were getting drenched.

The security has been disciplined enough to maintain the ‘peace’, especially when Bhagawan was onstage. But, the compassionate Lord’s heart melted for those stranded souls, getting drenched in the lashing rains and He desired peace for those souls. He asked the boys to instruct the security to allow the devotees to occupy the vacant place behind the Sita Rama Temple. Security being extra alert, allowed the gents, leaving the ladies out, as in Prasanthi Nilayam, as a matter of strict discipline, gents and ladies were not allowed to mix-up in the darshan hall. Bhagawan sent special instructions to allow the ladies as well, to let them occupy one side of the vacant spot.

Bhajans went on till 5:50 when Arathi was called for. After the Arathi still Lord was gazing at the devotees who had the twin blessing in abundance from the “Over Lord" and the ‘Rain God’.  …He moved unto them granting them the darshan of their lives…and one could hear ecstatic hearts, drenched, but doubly blessed souls of the eventful and beautiful evening chanting Jaikars reverberating the entire hall. Indeed those souls were drenched in Divine Love!

A wonderful lesson for the thousands assembled in Sai Kulwant Hall to imbibe Him following His precept, Love All Serve All, Help Ever, Hurt Never…