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Posted at 11:43:20 Hrs. IST on 22 Dec 2009

They were labelled as Divine Guests in Prasanthi Nilayam and they all wore scarves with a label “Staff” in bold letters. Yes, they were a members of staff came to Prasanthi Nilayam at His special invitation.

After the “Group of 120” visit in Mid-November, the second batch, an exclusive batch of doctors along with families from the twin hospitals in Bangalore, SSSIHMS  and Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital in Whitefield, came in with a strength of over 200, yet again to bask in His all-conquering Divine Love.

The occasion was called for nothing, but to remind the folk of His explicit love and grace. As was with the “Group of 120” this exclusive group of medicos and families was also blessed by Bhagawan in a most thrilling session held in the bhajan hall on the evening of 20 Dec that lasted for an hour.

Bhagawan was His usual self, the loving mother. On the marked day, Bhagawan, coming out bit early at 4:30, spent almost an hour in the packed bhajan hall moving among them, granting Himself with darshan, sparshan and sambhashan. 

Upon entering the Bhajan Hall, sensing the love and thirst in the air, He immediately began to move around slowly raining pure unsullied love. He moved through, taking letters and talking, consoling and cajoling, correcting and creating! Many mothers held out their babes for blessings and none of them were disappointed. Many of them had the fortune to have His paadanamaskaar as He moved towards the altar from the rear end of the bhajan hall.

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Kannada is undoubtedly the only other language apart from Telugu that was blessed by Bhagawan using as a medium for Divine Discourses. And this privileged folk from Bangaluru had the rare privilege of listening to Him in their “own” language.

Swami began by asking in Kannada whether all of them understood Kannada.  A majority of them were affirmative and Swami decided to speak in that tongue. Discoursing on service to the poor, Bhagawan said, it was vital that the poor be served; the more they are served, the more Bhagawan is pleased, while advising to ensure quality of treatment.

 The feeling of Love is paramount and only that makes up service. Everyone is an embodiment of God and must be treated that way. Though called by different names, God is one and He is in all.

The whole discourse was short and focused. After ten minutes, Bhagawan began to interact with all those present. He saw two kids who seemed to be ‘troubling’ their mothers! He called one of them and materialized a gold chain! The baby was so happy and began to play with the chain even before Swami could put it around her neck. Swami lovingly 'chained' her to Himself and spoke to the parents. Many couples sought His advice and blessings for various matters and it was as if Swami was granting mini family interviews!

A few had the blessing to have family photo shoots, and almost the entire group had the opportunity to have Him closer and interact. Thus, after a blissful session, Bhagawan moved back to the interview room, leaving the folks to remain basked reminiscing the just passed moments.

Bhagawan says that Puttaparthi is a workshop where all the cars (read devotees) come in for maintenance. He has also called Prasanthi Nilayam as the centre for the devotees to recharge their spiritual batteries. "The pot is full of water as long as it remains immersed in it. Once taken out, the water gradually evaporates till the pot becomes empty." 

It appeared that their pots were full as they remained immersed in those blessed moments, a rarity in human life…Moments spent with the Absolute Divinity in Physical Frame!!!

Their batteries were charged to optimal level to drive back to Bangaluru and continue with their mission assigned, to Love All and Serve All.

(with inputs from Team Radio Sai)