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Published on Thursday, Sept 02, 2010 at 0130 Hrs. IST

With the passing of every week Prasanthi is inching forward, marching towards the calendar’s most fascinating day, 23rd November. In its run up to this D-Day, yet another fortnight passed by, presenting plenty to reminisce. Every passing moment, every passing day is a virtual experience in this spiritual township, as Prasanthi, housing the Supreme Lord, is ever benevolent in imparting fresh lessons for an eager onlooker who is willing to traverse the path.

The fortnight that has just passed by had an almost empty first week with not many special presentations scheduled. 20th August, being the first Friday before the full moon in the month of Sravana, Varalakshmi Vratam, most auspicious for married women, especially of hindu origin, was celebrated in the Divine presence. With legends tagged to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi substantiating the auspiciousness of the occasion, deviating from the previous trend, this time the function was observed en masse, widening the appeal with Bhagawan presiding over the same adorning the dais.

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21st Aug marked the 24th anniversary of School of Business Management Accounting and Finance in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.  Commemorating the occasion, a group of faculty members sought Divine benedictions from Bhagawan to help continuing the School’s ongoing journey, with firm imprints of its own concept of Value Based Business Management, as advocated and taught by Bhagawan Himself.

Marking the “Home Coming” of erstwhile emperor Mahabali, Kerala had yet another Onam celebration in the Divine presence. Staging a couple of drama presentations along with a cultural presentation entitled “Keraleeyam” depicting the rich cultural heritage of the state, Prasanthi was made to wear an Onam garb for two days. Of the two drama presentations, the first one “Bharata, The Embodiment of Supreme Love” was a portrayal of the epical character showcasing his everlasting unsullied love and surrender to Lord Sri Rama, while the second presentation entitled, “Marghadhaara” was on the ‘heroic’ life of child ascetic Dhruva who won the favour of greater heaven by detaching himself from all worldly pursuits, concentrating on the ultimate Divine. While the first drama was presented with lots of emotional fervour, the second presentation was more in line with a comic sense, though the depiction had its charm and seriousness as the storyline demanded.  Magnanimous Bhagawan almost gave Himself to the participating crew on the first evening when He spent almost fifteen minutes amidst them, granting each and every member a Paadanamaskaar, Vibhuti Prasadam along with Laddu Prasadam from His hands while some of them got the coveted opportunity to whisper a word or two into His ears. Bhagawan was indeed extremely pleased on that evening and these children from the state enjoyed every bit of the same.

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Following the international batches from the United States and the UK, over 1200 devotees from far-flung Canada came on a Prasanthi Pilgrimage staying for ten days, from 17th Aug to 26th August.

Presenting themselves to The Lord with a theme, that,  step by step we will reach the light, 235 inspired children from various centres across Canada presented a programme entitled  “A Life of Sai Ideals”  illustrating six inspirational stories essentially declaring that Impossible is Nothing…and man is essentially the repository of innate potential that could achieve him anything and everything. These inspirational stories, presented in the pretext of inspiring a young boy who set an ambition to participate in Paralympics, included the story of legendary Terry Fox, who in 1980, with one leg having been amputated embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. The next day found the Youth from Canada presenting a soul rendering musical programme singing “Love for God” that was followed by a half-an-hour melodious bhajan session.

The State of Odisha, formerly Orissa, has a special bond with The Divine! The state’s bond with Bhagawan is essentially a part of history and His Story. Celebrating Bhagawan’s all conquering love that flooded the state, a group of over 700 Youth ‘marched’ to Prasanthi Nilayam, seeking yet another opportunity to express gratitude at His Divine Lotus Feet for donning the role of the Savior in their lives helping the state to redeem herself to normalcy. Presenting a thematic drama on the episode of natural flood of disaster in August 2008 followed by the Divine Flood of Love, Odisha, in total surrender to Bhagawan prayed unto Him to set His Feet in its soil, blessing the state and its subjects.  Odissi Dance, the internationally acclaimed dance form from the state also got to stage the popular Dasavathar episode depicting victory of good over evil, running through the lives of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

A group of doctors and paramedical staff, numbering 73, from Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Whitefield, the holistic institution that is into its 34th year of service to humanity, came over to Prasanthi Nilayam during the weekend seeking Divine benediction on the occasion of its anniversary. Blessing the group of staff members, Bhagawan spent quite some time outside His Divine Residence late in the evening on 29th Aug, Sunday, distributing Vibhuti prasadam and blessing the group with Padanamaskar.l

Sai Bhakta Nivas, as it is called now, that has been under construction from early december last year, is partially ready with first three dormitories awaiting His sanctifying touch. Each triple storied dormitory with twin halls, with each hall covering an area of 40 x 100 sq. ft., could accommodate hundreds of devotees, aggregating to over five thousand three hundred, once the project is completed in its entirety. This new addition would be provided with bunk coats facilitating increased number of capacity per shed apart from open shelves for keeping the belonging, liberal provision for bathroom facility etc.

The tiny tots of Prasanthi Nilayam who are the blossoming little buds in the hands of The Lord continued to grab His attention per session. Bhagawan was regularly seen passing and pausing at the block, be it the Primary School children or the children from Easwaramma English Medium School, blessing the wards glancing through their handiworks, blessing the birthday beneficiaries etc.