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Posted at 1100 Hrs. IST on 10th Aug 2009

God willing…is a common answer to many a question in Prasanthi, be it about one’s next trip to the Divine Abode, be it on a proposed programme in the immediate Divine Presence or be it anything. For the devotees it is “His Uncertainty” that makes things more Divine, allowing themselves to resign to His Will!

The One who is hailed as Kaalaatheethaya, one who reigns over the concept of time and in whose presence time verily stands still, it is He who decides…and whose Will reigns supreme!

The week that gone past had elements of “Divine Uncertainty” in ample measure. The week that missed morning darshans completely, witnessed delayed darshan sessions in the evenings, as Bhagawan chose to come late, often touching the six o’ clock mark to stay for shorter sessions before retiring. Though many groups were camping, two from the US, one from Canada, the U.K. Youth Sadhana Group, the Youth Group from Himachal Pradesh and the Parthi Yatra contingent from Gujarat, all groups well set to for presentations in the Divine Presence, God’s greater uncertainty prevailed upon as the whole week till the last session on Sunday evening found only one group getting the nod, the Youth from Himachal Pradesh.

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A musical offering entitled “Sai Naam Taarakam”, a composition of selected verses from the vast treasure house of traditional keerthanams, atypical from the normal tone n’ tenor, strung together as a single piece and sung in tune with the famous “Hanuman Chalisa” was the offering at the Divine Lotus Feet by the Youth on the auspicious evening of Rakhi Purnima celebrated all over India as Raksha Bandhan. Though the programme had two more sessions as originally scheduled, Bhagawan called for Arathi out of turn bringing the programme to an abrupt end before retiring to Yajur Mandiram.

Prayerful hearts, submissive to His Divine Will were only too happy to enjoy His uncertainty than forcing upon the Lord to grab their chances. A rare call came on the 7th evening, most unexpectedly, when Bhagawan was about to retire to Yajur Mandiram. Bhagawan had asked the UK Group Leader Mr. Ajit Popat to have their musical session though Arathi was already offered. Though the group was well set for a show, with their musical paraphernalia kept ready in the mandir, despite Bhagawan’s repeated loving insistence - not once, but thrice, the dutiful servant, with his eyes moist, prayed to Bhagawan that they would be having their session the next day, if permitted; the reasoning was logical as it would be late for Bhagawan to sit and watch the programme as the session for the day was already completed, saving blushes of causing ‘discomfort’ to Bhagawan.

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Though the next day, Saturday passed without any programme, the call came on Sunday evening, when, amid the Vedam chanting instructions came from the Yajur Mandiram for the group to get seated for the musical session. Beating the uncertainty, the Lord came at 18:15 hrs. blessing the vast concourse of devotees that filled the Sai Kulwant Hall….and what followed was a glittering twilight musical session, where Lord reigned supreme, presiding over the session much awaited…and music was heard, scoring in a fusion of east and west, parading songs on various God forms lighting up hearts and souls to greater devotional ecstasy. This included an instrumental piece, a musical medley of various songs of Lord Shiva, a Khawali, and a short stint of Bhajans. A special mention should be made on the Sitarist, Ms. Rupa Panesar who excelled with her blend of rhythm and beats boosting the effort making the evening a lively musical twilight.
A CD titled “Language of the Heart” containing devotionals in nine different languages, including four overseas languages was blessed and released by Bhagawan during the occasion.

The week’s Rose Beneficiaries were Mr. Banerjee, Overseas Accomodation Office, Col. (Retd.) Shyam Nanda, formerly Chief Security Officer, Mr. Janakiraman, Security Officer, Mr. Bhaskar Rao, Maintenance Cell, Mr. K.V.Rao, Accomodation Office, Mr. Nageswara Rao, Maintenance Cell, Mr. Chatterjee, Public Relations Office etc. The Nursing Batch of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences - Bangalore, 92 girls, was camping in Prasanthi seeking His Divine Darshan during the weekend. Gujarath Youth is still camping in Prasanthi and a Parthi Yatra contingent of over 1800 is expected from Srikakulam district in the coming week..

After a week full of testing and tasting of His Divine Uncertainty Prasanthi gears up looking for yet another week with fresh happenings.