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Parthi Yatra 2011 -  SSSO - Medak

Updated Sunday, Jul 24, 2011 2000 Hrs. IST

A two day Parthi Yatra was organised by the Sri Sathy Sai Seva Organisations, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, participated by over seven hundred devotees. This is incidentally the first Parthi Yatra after the unveiling of Maha Samadhi of Beloved Bhagawan.

Presenting its first programme on 23rd July evening the group offered a bouquet of devotional songs at His Divine Lotus Feet that began at 1700 hrs. with an invocatory prayer "Shuklambhara Dharam Vishnum..."

Revelling in His unfathomable glory, entwining various attributes of the attributeless Divine, the guest artiste for the evening representing the district, Sri Sasidhara Sharma, an accomplished TV artiste, accompanied by eleven accompanists sang for the next 45 minutes before students took over for a fifteen minute bhajan session. At the end of the session, before Mangala Arathi, an announcement on the Water Project Scheme implemented in the district was made, offering gratitude to Bhagawan for His immense love and compassion to the suffering people of the district. 196 villages have been benefitted from this stupendous scheme supplying "Elixir Divine' to the drought affected areas of the district. Mangala Arathi was offered at 1800 hrs. and special prasadam was distributed to the entire gathering.

Continuing with the presentation stint, the troupe from Medak district presented a well-choreographed dance drama “Prarthana" meaning prayer in the evening on 24th July in Sai Kulwant

Hall. Effulgent Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba amidst galaxy of stars formed the magnificent backdrop for the drama. The theme of the drama was the decadence of values in today’s youth with scant respect for Neeti (morality) and Nijayati (integrity) in everyday life. Three youth, who are Bhagawan’s devotees scrupulously follow the path of truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence. They are pooh-poohed by others in society for adhering to moral path when there was rampant corruption and materialism in the world. In this modern age there was no use in adhering to values and ideals, is the sentiment echoed by the materialistic youth.

This dance drama gains added importance when it conveys the message that though Bhagawan is not physically with us, He is always guiding and guarding us and goading us to tread the moral path. At the end, a chief executive of a company offers job to the three youth, pleased by their uprightness. The youth agree to join the company, but on a condition that they be allowed to continue Seva (service) after the working hours. Thus, the dance drama ends on a happy note.

After every scene of the drama, dances by girls of the Bal Vikas wing of the organisation provided a fitting dramatic interlude. All the cast of the dance drama were distributed clothes for their sterling performance by the members of the Medak district Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. After a few Bhajans by the students and distribution of Prasadam, the evening session ended with Arati at 1800 hrs.   

Over 700 devotees, 200 men and 500 women participated in the three day Parthi Yatra.