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Published on Friday, January 14, 2010@ 1700 hrs.

Sun's Northward Journey, from the tropic of Cancer into tropic of Capricorn marks Uttarayana and is highly auspicious. The transition occurs this evening at 1844 hrs. IST. Bhagawan has spoken umpteen times of the greater significance of the festivity. What entails the festivity and how does a mixed India celebrate the occasion? Read on as Ms. Jullie Chaudhary says it all poetically…                      

MAKAR SANKRANTI…The Sun’s transition in to Capricorn…
A wholesome journey is born,
From the tropic of Cancer on this day,
Lord Surya does move in accordance to the divine play,
Into Makar or Capricorn,
For the Sun’s northern journey an auspicious dawn,
It is the most sacred day of Uttarayana,
Much awaited by Bhishma Pitamah,
He was blessed to choose the moment of his Passover - Iccha Mrityu,
For fifty six nights before his soul could bid adieu,
He lay on a bed of arrows, you see,
And then released from bondage to the body,
He chose this day to set himself free…

Celebrated with fervor and gaiety,
Through every Indian city,
For the people of Assam its - Bhogali Bihu,
As Pedda Panduga in Andhra, it makes its debut,
Sweetmeats are made in Maharashtra,
 ‘Til gudh ghya, godh godh bola’,
‘Eat sesame and jaggery laddoos and sweet let your words be’,
A joyful celebration literally,
Commemorated as Pongal in Tamil Nadu,
And as Khichiri in Uttar Pradesh it receives its festive due,
In Bengal there is held a Ganga Sagar Mela,
At the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the river Ganga,
In reverence to the success of Maharaj Bhagirathi’s penance,
Years of tapasya immense,
For the sixty thousand sons of Maharaj Sagar – a deliverance,
As Mother Ganga on Earth does descend,
In Lord Shiva’s matted locks her force is softened and held,
It is here that the ashes of the ancestors of Bhagirathi are vivified,
With water most holy, consecrated and purified…

In Punjab a day before is celebrated as Lohri,
Bonfires, friends, family, joy and gaiety,
And then for them Sankrant is referred to as Maghi,
For it takes place in the Hindu calendar month of Magha,
Time for sumptuous feasts and Bhangra,
While in Kerala the forty day penance to Ayyappa,
Ends on this day at Sabarimala,
It is Sakarat in Bundelkhand and Madhya Pradesh,
In merry making, bonfires and dancing Oriya tribals too, do engage…

The Gujaratis not only pay obeisance to Lord Surya,
But send up colorful kites higher and higher,
As vibrant offerings acknowledging its benevolence,
Care and magnificence,
Sat Kranthi – good movement,
Sankranti indeed a festival propitious and well meant…

According to Beloved Bhagawan, every day you see,
Is a festival for humanity,
But in our ignorance we set aside a few days only…
To cows and bulls on this day,
People pay their respect, He does say,
The bulls are decorated daintily,
In ornaments and clothes of a myriad variety,
They are known as Gangireddhulu,
And the person taking them around is dressed gaily too,
Referred to as Gangireddudasu,
What a merry sight for me and you,
Sankranti bestows great joy on animals and birds,
These are our Lord’s sweet words,
A very significant day for farmers,
A time to harvest and enjoy the fruit of his hard labour,
The heart of both, the king and farmer this festival does stir,
And the sacred time of Uttarayana, the Sun’s northern journey,
Bliss for all most definitely…

Overcome worries and enjoy everlasting happiness,
Is the message of Sankranti no less,
But happiness cannot be acquired from outside,
It comes from the heart, the inside,
The apparent joy in the external is artificial and temporary,
Happiness cannot be bought in a market, you see,
Respect the feeling of others and behave appropriately,
Never be a hindrance to another, manifest a joy that’s inner,
Welcome the bounteous month of Pushya,
Everyone does await eagerly,
For the month of Sankranti,
Kranti means change – from misery to happiness,
From restlessness to peace, and pain to pleasure,
Sankranti says our Lord, bestows peace on all equally,
Birds partake of the harvest and chirp merrily,
So do not follow the body,
Nor the vagaries of the mind,
Drive out - Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya, and find,
Inner peace and bliss,
True significance of Sankranti, is this,
A pure and loving heart is the source of bliss,
Transformation of the heart, Sankranti does signify,
So says Beloved Mother Sai,
Experience bliss through,
The realization of the changeless, for that is definitely our cue,
And divinity is the only thing changeless, that’s true,
The same divinity that’s in every bit around me and you,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Grace, joy and a very happy Sankranti to you…