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Updated at 1715 on July 14, 2011

It's Guru Purnima time and for Prasanthi and Sai fraternity, it is time to reminisce on the impeccable fortune, having the Cosmic Guru in Sri Sathya Sai to guide, to lead to the ultimate destination. Introspecting on the festivity and greater significance, author poses a question that If we don’t pay heed to His divine call... How better is our fate... Than those that don’t know of Him at all? Read yet another inspiring poem blossomed in the heart of Ms. Jullie Chaudhury.

Janmaja Dukha Vinashak Hey…
Jagatodharana Karana Hey…
Bhavabhaya Jaldi Tarana Hey…
Sadguru Brahma Sanathana Hey…

The darkness of ignorance – ‘Gu’,
And the One Who removes it – ‘Ru’,
Towards  many a dark and ignorant way,
He saw to it we may not stray,
And so this day we do celebrate,
For our Guru was none other than the Divine Incarnate…

And so who is a Sadguru?
How does He herald in a brighter view?
From obscurity to eternity,
From anonymity to infinity,
Removing struggle and strife,
Uplifting us all from a mundane life,
Freedom from the ensnaring net,
Beyond the ocean of life and death…

Ah! What impeccable fortune,
An immense blessing, a perfect boon,
The Lord Himself our ways did prune,
Helping us reverberate the divine tune,
Alter, amend, readjust, re-attune,
Guru, Sadguru…nay  Jagadguru,
He found us, He chose us, this is true,
The Teacher of the world, is our personal guru too,
The search of lifetimes gone by,
Culminated at the Lotus feet of Beloved Mother Sai…

Enriching us immensely,
But do we realize even an iota,
How very privileged are we?
That the Supreme One found us all,
Enhancing self confidence, inspite of many a stall,
Beyond Jagadguru,
Sathya Sai remains the Cosmic Guru,
But to know this and not follow His tenets through,
Is an insult to our grand destiny,
Isn’t that true?

If we don’t pay heed to His divine call,
How better is our fate,
Than those that don’t know of Him at all?
Come let us rejoice in His presence the cosmos through,
In all that we see, hear, breathe, touch, taste,
Think, say or do,
Animate, inanimate,
Mineral, Plant,
Winged, finned,
Four legged or two,
Mother, Father,
Friend, companion,
Guru and guide,
Always forever by our side,
Drop the I,
See only Sai,
To be cherished eternally as time does fly by,
Ever so dearly adored and supremely Beloved,
Is our Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

Let our adoration of Him ceaselessly continue,
His love embraces the cosmos through,
Every speck/ being receives its rightful due,  
Let us follow suit and do so too,
His teachings and words pure and true,
Of priceless worth and immeasurable value,
Come let this prayer echo from within me and you,
For Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa,
To blaze forth anew,
For this is what pleases our Beloved Guru,
Unity, Purity, Selfless Service,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…