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When Narayana (Supreme God) takes the form of a man and wants to help humanity, He will act like a man. Just because God comes in human form, it is no excuse for man to be indifferent. He must realise that all the Poorna Avatars are incarnations of the same Formless, Eternal, Supreme Consciousness and the Cosmic, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient God.

Published Sunday, May 1, 2011 @ 1730 hrs.

Looking into the positive side of Avataric drama, of pulling the curtain down of His earthly sojourn, Sri VN Prahlad writes, urging fellow devotees not to grieve, but to understand the inner significance of the Divine Act of moving beyond His physical frame. Read on...

As the curtain fell
The veil lifted
In a billion hearts.
The tears that flowed
Were of bliss
Not sorrow,
Was not the Name
Form and Frame
But a cage
For Pure Bliss, and love?
He IS ever,
Past and future
Are not in His Nature
Omnipresent is He.
He cast aside
An empty shell
Like an over-used robe
Back into the five fold void
By His very own will
Grieve not
You foolish heart
Still encased
In carapacious* delusion
Of me and mine
Thee and Thine
The Nectar of Bliss
Is pouring in torrent
For all to bathe or swim
In eternal joy.