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Published Thursday, June 23, 2011 @ 1220 Hrs.

It doesn’t matter…For It is Only Matter……For Love Is the Sole Content Of The Soul…

His love is the only inheritance known to the soul. Through this glitter we became His Bangaru – His gold…it is this glitter with which lifetimes are measured…and matter can never measure up to this. It holds a value immeasurable and untold. For love is the sole content of the soul.

The heart is the gold mine for He resides within. Our noble thoughts, sweet words and loving deeds - precious ornaments to treasure. His breath remains in the ether to be inhaled and cherished; memories of His darshan the only wealth of priceless value; interactions with Him…His words, His teachings – the lone fortune of any worth. Read on a poem from the pen of Ms. Jullie Chaudhury.

Is there anything in the Universe that doesn’t belong to Him…?
His opulence is such, all else seems dim,
Mortals give worth to tinsel and trash,
And paper notes known as cash,
It has the same worth for Him,
As that tiny speck of dust,
Blown about in a windy gust,
To pieces of rock is given so much value,
The true worth of His presence,
If only we knew,
Its merit and significance,
Indescribable and unknown,
Why ignore this and fate bemoan,
An innate part of the Avatar,
Is His fame, grandeur, knowledge and opulence,
Yet non attached to all remains His presence,
To the Beloved One belongs all of creation,
And as for His creation -
Nothing should obstruct the view,
Of His Darshan,
Nothing do they want 
In lieu of His Sparshan,
Blessed do they feel,
For they received,
His Sambhashan…
Beyond compare is His Charan Sparshan,
Beyond Compare is His invaluable Darshan,
Content to worship,
The earth His feet did touch,
Nothing else holds any value as such,
For inspite of His inherent Avataric opulence,
Dressed ever so simple was His presence,
His lotus feet always remained bare,
How can anything material and worldly,
To this compare,
He was, is and always will remain,
Mysterious and inexplicably rare,
Simply Beyond Compare…

The Ocean realized this and worshipped His lotus feet with pearls from its depths; the Sun too understands this and pays obeisance to Him with its first rays; comprehending this, unseen to the human eye, many a celestial being salute Him silently; thunder and lightning did hail Him completely; the elements five submitted themselves to Him totally – Earth did rejoice at the touch of the Beloved One’s tender Lotus Feet; Fire delighted in being offered as Aarati; Space enjoyed playing host to Him – its Creator; Air ever so enchanted that the Lord breathed it in and Water experienced the bliss of being drawn upon, to wash His cherished Feet; flowers of a myriad colours blossomed just for Him, vying with each other to be offered to Him; birds chirped a mellow chorus for His ears alone; saints and holy men wanted nothing more than simply a glimpse of Him…beyond gemstones that glisten and gleam….precious only to mortals and earth beings.