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Then & Now
A day in Ashram


Bhagawan at Madurai enroute to Kodaikanal (19-04-05)

Now we have the latest update from the tarmac of Madurai Airport.

The flight from Puttaparthi landed at Madurai Airport at 1.10 p.m. All the Airport employees, Airlines employees were waiting very eagerly to have Swami's Darshan.

Prior to Swami's flight there was one more special flight carrying devotees from the TVS group of Companies. They were coming exclusively to have Swami's Darshan at Madurai.

A special ambulift was brought in by the Indian Airlines from Trivandrum the previous day itself. The moment had arrived for which all were waiting. The special Indian Airlines flight made a touch down and all eyes were just focused on the flight, hearts beating faster and just waiting to catch a glimpse of our Beloved Lord.

The Aircraft doors were opened, one at the rear and one at the front. The Institute students accompanying Swami and other devotees got down from the rear end and still we were yet to have a glimpse of Swami as the ambulift was being positioned in. Once the ambulift was positioned correctly, one could see some movement happening inside it, but the Lift came down empty. The District Collector of Madurai and one more devotee got into it with a bouquet in their hands.

Now one could see the orange robe and finally Swami was there smiling at all those standing below for His Darshan. The Lift came down and the red carpet was leading to the waiting car just a couple of steps away. Then Swami got into the car and everyone present near the car gave way for Swami’s car to leave the airport premises.