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Then & Now
A day in Ashram


At the foothills of Kodaikanal (19-04-05)

We have this description from a former student of Bhagawan, who is presently the Youth Coordinator of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Tamil Nadu. Read on for details …

Swami travelled by car from Madurai airport to Kodaikanal and had a break in between at Gunguvarpatti, near Kodai foothills town, Vanthalagundu.

A group of Seva Dal had already refurbished the Highways Travellers' guest house at Gunguvarpatti. Swami arrived at about 3.30 pm at the spot. The Dindugal collector along with State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Tamil Nadu welcomed Bhagawan. Though they were ready with a sofa-wheelchair for Swami, He shunned it away and proceeded to walk His way. He was waiting for the students and guest accompanying Him to arrive. Once they arrived, Swami had His tiffin (snacks). This is a testimony of the love and care Bhagawan has for His children. The students and guests were served with sumptuous tiffin.

Once, Bhagawan got down from the car, He noticed us, the old students. Immediately, there was a smile of recognition. Once on His feet, He enquired about us, with the same old charm.

Oh, after nearly ten years, we are hearing His voice, directly speaking to us. My mind is slowly drifting to those days when He used to walk amongst us creating His own path, His robe brushing our faces, the divine scent wafting in the air, suddenly speaking to a boy till then not spoken to, cracking some jokes, simplifying philosophies into sweet one-liners, sometimes just standing in total silence for a length of time with us in rapt attention for the next divine word...

Then Bhagawan materialised a ring for the District Collector. At about 4.35 pm, He left the spot, followed by two buses of students and guests. Swami reached Kodaikanal at about 6.15 pm.

In the evening, after Swami had left, being alone, the experience of being with the Avatar was sinking in. We may have Him in our hearts; it is good but not extraordinary. But if He has a small space, maybe even the smallest for us in His heart; it is something that will bestow unspeakable happiness. And, when He decides to bless us with the physical demonstration of the existence of that room for us in His heart, can words explain the experience?