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Lava Kusha Ramayana

A Musical Dance Drama by Bhagawan's Students

May 25, 2010

Bhagawan arrived at 1715hrs amidst Vedic Invocations. He went for a complete round blessing the assemblage. Bhagawan then came onto the stage and listened to the suktams chanted by the students for sometime after which he went to the Prayer Hall where He interacted with the students and enquired about the parts played by the various students and keenly examining the costumes worn by students. Bhagawan then came onto the stage and instructed the programme to begin.

The skit opened with Valmiki interacting with some devout in his hermitage. The gathering requested the holy sage - who was transformed from being a hunter into a realised one through the grace of God - to tell them about the character of Lord Rama. The holy sage then responds saying that it would be more auspicious to listen about them from Lava and Kusha who have mastered the entire Ramayana and sing it with Love and Devotion.

Lava and Kusha narrate the Sacred Story with wonderful rhythm and beat. When they come to the part of Lord Rama attending Sita's swayamwara (a ceremony in which the princess chooses her partner), Sage Valmiki elaborates about the wondrous event. Even as the marriage is about to be performed, some students break into a dance to a song composed by Bhagawan Himself. An interesting part about this scene was that some students were strategically position atop the beams of the hall from where they threw down flowers at the assemblage. It was a grand sight to behold.

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The scene now shifts to Dandakaranya, where the divine brothers Rama and Lakshmana and Mother Sita were living in exile. Even as Rama extols the beauty and radiance of this forest blessed by many sages, He instructs Lakshmana to build a hut for them to live at a place of his choice. At this Lakshmana breaks down at Rama's feet and pleads with him as to why the Lord is separating him by giving him a choice of his own. Lakshmana pleads to Rama to punish him rather than provide him with a separate will. The Lord extremely pleased with His brother's surrender and tells Mother Sita that He can never get another brother like Lakshmana. The future generations to come will behold this devotion of Lakshmana as the touchstone of an ideal brother, declared the Lord.

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The final scene is in Lanka. Ravana has been vanquished and Vibishana leads a delegation to Lord Rama to pray to Him to take over the throne of Lanka as He is the vanquisher of the Egoistic Ravana. Rama, the very embodiment of Dharma, declines saying that the throne belongs to the legal heir and that is the reason why He had performed the Coronation to Vibishana the day he surrendered at His feet. Even Lakshmana taken over by the riches and charms of Lanka lets slip that it would be wonderful for them to stay on here and rule this kingdom. At this Rama rebukes him saying that one should never compare one's mother with another women. Ayodhya, is our mother and we can never find an equal to her in any other land. Not even heaven can take her place, He declared. "Janani Janmabhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi".

The programme concluded with another dance number during which all the participants assembled in an orderly manner in front of their Lord seeking His blessings. Bhagawan blessed all the participants with safari cloth pieces and then posed for the coveted group photograph. The students who played the parts of Mother Sita and Son Kusha where blessed with a chain and ring from the Divine Hands. Bhagawan then blessed all the students with sweets. Bhagawan then accepted Arathi and retired at 1915hrs.