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Published on Friday, Nov 7, 2010 at 1150 IST

The Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of Karnataka had organised cultural programmes across four days from 29th October to 1st November 2010.

On the 29th of October, over 500 Balvikas children from the state had come on a Parthi Yathra and sixty of them, thirty boys and thirty girls, participated in the evening's bhajans. It turned out to be a freshening experience with hundreds tender vocal cords singing aloud with innocent loving expressions in the immediate Divine presence. After Arati, a couple of boys and girls from the Balvikas group got opportunities to come up to the dais to receive blessings. Silence prevailed all over as Bhagawan sat meditatively with a radiance of love. Spontaneously, the children united in one voice to chirp, "We Love You Swami". Bhagawan lovingly indicated that He loved them too.

On the 30th of October, a cultural programme entitled, "Karishye Vachanam Thava" by the youth of Karnataka was scheduled for the evening and the participants was seated in the bhajan hall. Bhagawan spoke to many of the actors and inquired about the role they were playing in the drama. Bhagawan subsequently went onto the stage and indicated that the programme can commence.

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Beginning with a narration in Karnataka's own folk art form, Yakshagana, the yakshas, picked up a modern story of three youngsters who get into the thick of life, viewing the same with different perception. When the first one, Akash who jumps into a whirlpool of high ambitions, meeting with success initially, the second one Shreyas was a worried person who despite employing honest means was unable to get the desired breakthrough. Bhagawan's teachings of Shreya vs. Preyas found a mention here when the third one, Sumit decided to give him a counseling.

Akash met his doom soon as his bank opted for bankruptcy, an aftermath of the stock market crash. Akash was a lost man while Sumit and Yashas were not so badly affected with the downturn. They kept meeting during the Narayana Seva. When Sumit turned worried about his not-so-well-paid job, Yashas had the story of young Naren and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as words of encouragement and inspiration.

Finally understanding dawned upon Akash when his father was miraculously saved when Sumit and Yashas took him to Bhagawan's free super specialty hospital in Whitefield. The drama was frequently anecdotical with relevant episodes from the lives of Sankaracharya, Vivekananda, Bhishma, Ashoka etc. being quoted to inform and inspire!

Upon the end of the presentation, Bhagawan moved down the stage to spent about ten minutes with the participants, moving amidst them and posing for a photograph. The boy who played the role of Yashas was blessed with a chain from the Divine hands.

On the 1st of November, the Bal Vikas children from Mysore District of Karnataka got the opportunity to present a dance drama entitled "Satsankalpameva Jayate" in the Divine Presence. 

Dhruva was born to King Uttanapada and Suniti, his first queen. Suniti, embodiment of virtue, imbues her son Dhruva with morals through vedantic stories and songs. Suniti tells Dhruva the story of Bhramarshi Vasishta who proves to Rajarishi Vishvamitra that Satsanga is even more powerful than Vrata.

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Suruchi, Uttanapada's second queen, is in a heated argument with the king in her chambers. Dhruva walks in with Uttama, her son. King tells them to sit on his lap. Suruchi pulls away Dhruva from his father's lap. She tells him that only Uttama, her son, has the right to sit on the King's lap and is the rightful heir to the throne. Suruchi tells Dhruva to seek Lord Vishnu's blessings to take birth as her son to get that right. Taking his parents blessings, Dhruva leaves for the forest assuring them that he will return with the Lord's blessing. Initiated by Sage Narada, Dhruva meditates for over 6 months when the Lord appears before him and gives him a place in heaven as Dhruva Nakshatra (Star Polaris). After the presentation, Bhagawan blessed the participants with a group photograph and one of them with a chain. Beckoning for the Prasadam, Bhagawan ensured that sweets were given to all before accepting Arati and retiring to Yajur Mandiram.