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An Exhibition Par Excellence Celebrating Pure Love

July 20, 2007

An Exhibition par excellence, depicting the unmatched and all-conquering Divine Love of Bhagawan that fructified in the form of various service projects was inaugurated by Bhagawan on the morning of 20th July 2007 in Poornachandra Auditorium in presence of distinguished senior devotees and staff members of Prasanthi Digital Studio. Organised by the Prasanthi Digital Studio, the exhibition titled Prema Jyothi, meaning The Light of Love is a grand spectacle celebrating the Pure Love of Bhagawan presentng through various stunning pictures, tv loops, audio and video clips apart from the internet media. As if rewarding the spirited and dedicated team work behind the mammoth project, Bhagawan most graciously spent about ninety minutes through the entire expo reviewing each exhibit in detail listening to the presentation by His dedicated students. The exhibition got a rave review from Bhagawan who expressed immense happiness at the way the whole thing was organized and arranged.

The exhibition is open for the public from 21st July 2007 onwards. Morning session after arathi till 12:00 noon is allotted for the ladies and the session in the evening, after the conclusion of arathi till 20:30 Hrs. is marked for the gents.

A rare treat not to miss!