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Posted at 22:56:04 Hrs. IST on 29 Dec 2009

Yet another year is going past and comes a new year - Year 2010. ...And it is time to introspect, retrospect and reflect on the times gone by while resolving to make a better beginning in the fresh year. Reflections will bring glimpses from the past helping us to make amends to become a better person. And what should be our prayer and what should be our resolve while attempting to live "Our life is His Message" to become better inviduals in the new year? Julie and Nupur Choudhuri resound with our view to the second person in you, who is ever on the path that leads unto Him. (Writers Julie Choudhary, an airhostess by profession is the Editor of Sathya Sai Newsletter, Pune and Nupur Choudhuri is a Journalist with Sakaal Times, Pune).

As Rama, as Krishna, as Shirdi Sai,
And now on the bed of my karma as I lie,
I can only think of You,
Beloved Mother Sai.

You are Rama,
You are Krishna,
You are Shirdi Sai,
Like the years and the lifetimes gone by,
All through this new year too,
Remain by my side,
Beloved Mother Sai…

At the first moment of the New Year, it’s Your loving face that I want to glance upon, and it’s Your vibhuti prasadam that I would like to taste, and Your sweet voice that I would like to hear… in the hope that it may make me more of the person that You would like me to be…

Life has meaning only when one lives it to please Bhagawan. Introspect, retrospect and reflect on the times gone by, on what you’ve done and how you could improve on it.

The world is a classroom, and with Bhagawan as the teacher, you realize that while success is good, even failures are there for your good – they are only stepping stones towards your graduation from one class to another.

Bhagawan is a teacher who is simple, silent and subtle; pure, profound and patient. His language is easy to understand and His words easy to put into practice… He is always there to lift you gently when you fall; to hold you when you need time to think; and to urge you on when you need to take the next step forward…

You only have to ask, as you would to your dearest friend. He is a presence, and He’s always around you, listening to your every wish, your every thought, reaching out to You wherever You are (where not even Your closest relative can help even if they want to), giving you ultimately that which is right for you and best for you… for who knows you better than He does?

There are times when you think, ‘Where are You, oh Lord?’ or ‘How could You let this happen to me?’ or ‘Don’t I mean anything to You?’ But then, when the dark clouds lift, and the sun shines again, you realize that because you have been talking to Him through all the “troubled” times, in spite of what you think are your “bad” times, you remain attuned to Him. And you then say to Him, “Oh Lord, how foolish have I been! How remiss of me! Thank You for making me go through all that I did. Thank You for making me have at least that much sense that I held on to Thee through those times. For when I look back, I realize that it was for my good, that it taught me important lessons; that it made me stronger, more tolerant, more forgiving, and more connected to Thee. When you save my life, that is not when I conclude that You love me. But when You fill my heart with compassion, with forgiveness, with a deeper understanding of and feeling for life and those around me, that is when I bask in your love and I not only know that You love me, but that Your love flows through me…”

So let it be our resolve, and for that we need Thy grace Bhagawan, that we may travel the path of love – selfless, sublime and true – that will ultimately and definitely lead us to be one with Thee. For we know You are waiting for us with open arms just as You have been through lifetimes gone by when we have been so distracted by the trivial. Let compassion increase and consciousness expand for Thou are our guide, our path and our goal.

Care for life, concern for nature and respect for all creation…

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