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Updated at 1425 on July 12, 2010

Voice of America was heard once again in His Divine presence! As part of the cultural presentations on the occasion of the second batch of US pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam, a group of men and women from the United States organized a musical evening entitled Sathya Sai National Choir & Orchestra on Sat, 10 July in the immediate Divine presence of Bhagawan.

The programme, having nine devotional numbers, was directed by Choirmaster Bill Bailey, the soloist for the evening, and was ably conducted by Ms. Maryalice Jessup. The choir also had a “signer”, for the first time, someone who spoke the words in sign language for those who were hearing impaired. Standing at the woman’s side, up front, the lady was interpreting in sign language quite graciously, with a smile on her brightened face.

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Beginning with “Simple Gifts, a song that tells one to live life as a gift, they moved on singing “The Potter’s Hand”, a prayer to mold one’s life, followed by “Deep River” a supplication to Lord as Deep River to help crossing over unto His campground. “Lift Every Voice and Sing” was the next number, a song of Tribute to America, that was followed by “There will be Joy in the Morning”, a song of hope for joy and peace. “How Beautiful”, a song of praise for The Lord emanating from the deep heart, was followed by “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name”, with little children praising the majesty and glory of His Name, Alleluia, Alleluia… The penultimate number was “Hallelujah” song from Handel’s Messiah.

The forty-five minutes programme, that showcased the United States' longing for Bhagawan, ended at 1605 hrs. with a special prayer song, Let the Rain of Your Presence Fall on Me. This was followed by a forty minute bhajan session by the US devotees. Half-an-hour into the bhajans Bhagawan called a lady from the US group, blessing her with a materialised golden chain.

There were men on the keyboard, an American based tablist who has been leaning percussion in India for two years, two cellists, a guitarist, half a dozen on the violin, help bringing the best of music from over 100 who lent voice making the choir a enterprising musical presentation. After lots of individual and mini-group sessions over the past five months, the entire group, regrouped here in Prasanthi, doing rehearsal sessions to make the show a perfect one.

Indeed "His Presence' was raining benedictions all over as prayed by the 'US Choir' singing its concluding song.