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Published on Monday, Aug 9, 2010 at 1705 Hrs. IST

The United Kingdom that came with a full force of over 1500 made it to perform in the Divine presence, just a day before its departure from the holy township. On 6 Aug evening the UK had two offerings, a Children Choir followed by the National Youth Choir. The programme was entitled "All Is One".

After initial invocation by the officials seeking blessings before the presentation, Dana Gillespie, well known western vocalist of the popular London Blues Band presented the programme to the audience in her booming voice.

The first programme was a Children Choir participated by around 200 SSE children, both boys and girls, from different parts of the Kingdom. Producing six songs, sung in Voice of Unity, ably conducted by Zita Starkie and Richard Braithwaite who was also strumming the guitar, the choir had many little hands strumming various little instruments. Songs by the choir included, All You Need is Love...from the Beatles by George Harrison, My Sweet Lord..., Lord's Command, a Scottish number, Day by end up with Lord of the Dance...

The Children presentation was followed by the National Youth Choir of the United Kingdom. The presentation entitled "All is One" was unique, conducted by Dana Gillespie on the ladies' side with Tim Cross for the gents. Beginning with “In the Garden of Heavenly Peace” the choristers sung more than ten hymns including the popular “Amazing Grace”, symbolizing Bhaghagawan’s bounteous grace that brought them unto Prasanthi Nilayam. The Choir had some interesting pieces from the Upanishads, an Anglican number of  more than hundred years old, still finding relevance in the present day, to end up with a medley of hindi songs from the 1940's joined by the entire UK contingent, en masse.

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A couple of bhajans by the UK troupe followed as directed by Bhagawan. Time clock ticked to 1900 hrs. and Bhagawan called for Mangala Arathi. Upon accepting Arathi, a lengthy pause ensued and prasadam distribution was on. Calling the three conductors, Bhagawan materialised Vibhuti prasadam for the trio while blessing them with interaction. After a ten minute pause, Bhagawan indicated for bhajans by the UK contingent. Two bhajans followed after which second Arathi was offered. Upon accepting the same Bhagawan moved off the dais at 1925 hrs., to retire to Yajur Mandiram in His car.

Earlier while gliding past during His darshan round, Bhagawan was quite 'attentive' at the UK block, glancing over, blessing the contingent including the tiny tots who were seated in the front block.

An approximate number of over 1500 from the United Kingdom have joined this pilgrimage 2010.