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Published on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 1320 Hrs. IST

The countdown on the D-Day comes to the meeting point, 23rd November, the day when The Almighty had chosen to bestow the highest of the boons to humanity with His physical Advent. When the whole of Sai fraternity is focussed on Prasanthi Nilayam tuning to the spiritual carnival of "Festival of Divine Love", it it time to muse over the descending story of Avatars leading up to our Beloved Sathya Sai...Read on "Sweet Musings", as Ms. Jullie Chaudhary attempts to roll over on the story of Avataric Advent...


Hey Mangal Nayana Ram,
Hey Gopi Jeevana Shyam,
Hey Shirdi Ke Bhagawan,
Hey Prashanti Nilaya Ram,
Sat Koti Naman Sai Ram,
Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram….

Days leading up to the Advent, amidst secret whispers of joy in the heart of the Universe,
Whilst Celestial beings watched with bated breath,
Sweet musings in the mind of every devotee…

Dashrathanandan as Raja,
Oh, so pleased are the prajaa,
It’s Treta Yuga,
And all hearts are full of Kaushalya Tanaya’s glory,
The sacrifice of Mother Sita,
The rule of Sathya and Dharma,
Was as pure as pure can be,
So I hear and read,
But the same air as Sri Ram Chandra did I ever breathe?
How I long to,
How I yearn to…

Then came the pranks of Nandanandana,
The era of Dwapara,
The charming frolicsome Gopala,
Yashomati Bala,
Jewel of the gopas,
Cows and calves, peacocks,
Brindavan full of leelas,
Beloved of the gopis,
And aadhar of Radharani,
I wonder and wonder,
What about me?
All this I hear, all this I read,
The same air as Sri Krishna,
The blue boy of Brindavan,
Did I ever breathe?
How I long to,
How I yearn to…

The focus shifts to Shirdi’s jewel,
To the Dwarakamai,
Where Beloved Sai did dwell,
For animals and humans beyond caste and creed,
Ever was open His door,
A sight of Him and all wanted more,
Dogs, birds, lepers and the poor,
Muslims and Hindus,
Not one did He refuse,
Allah Malik,
Shraddha and Saburi,
But what about me?
This is what I hear,
This is what I read,
The same air as Sai of Shirdi,
Did I ever breathe?
How I long to,
How I yearn to…

Oh, He has come again,
Joy replaces pain,
My soul felt gratitude to Mother Easwaramma,
Her womb and home was pure enough by far,
For nurturing of the Avataar…
Temple bells ring,
Musical instruments play,
Rishis, saints, wise men, lay people,
Mother Earth too,
Awaited eagerly this precious day,
Ceaseless love and compassion,
Reaches every heart all over the globe,
Millions rush over for a glimpse of His orange robe,
His smile, His abhaya hasta, His Holy Ash, His precious Lotus Feet,
All stress and strain does defeat,
This is not only what I hear,
This is not only what I read,
But experience too,
I live at the same time as the Avatar of this age,
I take part in the drama He does stage,
I breathe in the air that He does expel,
With love, respect and humility,
I do touch the earth on which He does dwell,
He is Rama,
He is Krishna,
He is Shirdi Sai,
If we but go beyond the form of Sathya Sai,
Oh, what bliss!
Oh, what joy!
He has heard our innermost cry,
Let our hearts expand,
Fears die and tears dry,
Let there not be another grieving sigh,
With conviction and fervour,
Let us this truth proclaim,
The Lord is now here,
The Lord is now near,
The Lord walks amongst us as Sathya Sai,
Most Beloved Sai…

He is there for me, He is there for you,
And all creatures great and small too,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…