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Published on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 0213 Hrs. IST

When Prasanthi is waking up to greet The Day, 23rd November 2010, then the world of devotees around the world will be singing 'Happy Birthday' to their Beloved Swami. Joining this holy band of celebration of Pure Love of The Lord let's relive the Sathya Sai Saga reminiscing His Advent as is recorded in His Story...a poem from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri. Read on...


Prano Ke Pran, Sai Ram,
Bhakton Ke Jaan, Sai Ram,
Janam Janam Merey Saath Hi Ho Tum,
Sathya Sai Bhagawan…

Allah Eashwar Tero Naam,
Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagawan…

We gather here today,
On this most sacred day,
Not to celebrate any ordinary event,
But the Advent,
Of the Avatar on Earth,
A much awaited birth,
The prayers of venerated sages,
The anguish of those oppressed through ages,
The piteous cries of Mother Earth,
Those languishing with no self worth,
Every cry, every word,
Was heard,
Playing its part,
In touching the Lord’s heart,
As it had done in eras gone by,
He came as Rama,
As Krishna,
Then at Shirdi and now as Sathya Sai…

On 23rd November 1926, at 05.06 am, temple bells did chime,
For His advent the Lord had chosen His time,
Easwaramma went into labour,
Her mother - in - law was performing,
The worship of Sathya Narayana with a neighbour,
As Easwaramma tasted the prasadam, she gave birth,
She was instrumental in delivering the Lord unto Mother Earth…
The sun rose over the horizon,
Worshiping with its first rays her Divine Son…

He left childhood behind, shedding attachments too,
Singing ‘Manasa Bhajare’,
He took the helm as the promised Guru…
Super Speciality Hospitals,
Educational Institutions, myriad Water Projects too,
No billing section all for free,
His story takes its rightful place in History…

But let us deeper and deeper probe,
Into the coming of this graceful figure, in a flaming orange robe,
Happy Birthday Bhagawan, we do say,
Knowing that His presence is not limited to any specific day,
Representing perpetuity, eternity and infinity,
Beyond time, He was, is and at all times will be,
Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, boundless and free…

And a ‘Happy Birthday’, to One who is in bliss always?
Whom as Sat Chit Ananda, the Vedas do extol and praise,
The Supreme Personality of Godhead is He,
But He has taken a form, you see.
Clad in orange hues shedding the Pitambari,
His eyes fathomless deep,
Lotus-shaped beauty supreme;
His glance full of compassion,
Seeing all in one sweep…
A look, a smile, a touch, soft words, vibhuti,
Grace incessantly flowing, bubbling forth in a stream…

Unity of thought, word and deed,
Purity of body, mind and soul;                                 
A glimpse of His lotus feet,
A reminder of our goal…

…in every breath that is drawn,
…in the purity of a swan,
…in the softness of dawn,
…in the new day that’s born,
…in the birth of a child,
…in the human kind or in the wild…
…the power behind sight, hearing, touch, taste and speech,
…in every atom of creation always within reach…
…beyond religion, caste or creed,
…in every thought, word and deed,
…in the tiny seed that becomes a tree,
…in all this and beyond it’s Him,
…and this is how it will always be…

And so, we gather here today,
On this most sacred day,
Not to celebrate any ordinary event,
But the Advent,
Of the Avataar on Earth,
A much awaited birth,
So what is it that would make Him ‘happy’?
Perhaps when we do see,
Him in all beings of the land, air or sea,
Him in all and all in Him,
For that is when we begin,
Our journey with Him,
From the petty to the profound when we rise above,
Selflessness, sacrifice and pure unconditional love,
Help Ever Hurt Never, as He does say,
And - Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray,
When we cause any being pain it reaches Swami,
For He is the indweller of every heart, you see,
Then how can He be ‘Happy’?

A question here for all to ponder,
Only this day should we celebrate, let us wonder?
Let not the celebrations end today,
That every moment may be a Festival of Divine Love, lets pray,
Let the joy this day does bring,
Spill into every cell of our very being,
Let us make a pledge,
That our life may be the Lord’s message,
Sathya, Dharma, Prema,
Shanti and Ahimsa,
This Avatar has come for transformation,
Of evil ways and people, not their annihilation,
As did Avatars in the past,
A benediction ever so vast…

A fatherhood of God and a brotherhood of man,
Let us play our role well in the unfolding of the divine plan,
Let compassion reign supreme,
Let us unite to fulfill creation’s dream,
For that is what will make the Mother happy,
All are her children, you see,
The dolphin, whale and the shark,
The sparrow, crow and the vulture,
The worm, ant, dog, elephant and tiger too,
He is here for all beings, for me and you,
Let us live to please only Him through and through,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…