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Updated at 1655 on July 14, 2010

On the second day of the ‘Russian Celebrations’ in Prasanthi, it appeared that the God-Loving Russians have started off carrying forward from where they left off in the previous session, that was glorified by His out and out involvement.

The programme for the evening was a skit entitled “Hallowed be Thy Name”, story of a young Russian who sets out to travel around the world in an attempt to collect songs on God.

Wherever he travelled, the youngster to his surprise found a common name, Sai, quite unheard of, figuring everywhere. Inquisitive he was, upon enquiry, he came to know of the presence of the Kali Yuga Avatar Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and His all encompassing Divinity. Every new country he visited gave him fresh insights into The Divine by name Sai.

Having heard of Sai and Prasanthi Nilayam, the youngster finally landed in Puttaparthi and to his utter joy found a group of children singing the glory of His name. Upon further enquiry he learnt that these graceful children learnt the song from their parents, whom in turn, he had met during his travelling around in search of songs on God. In celebration, all of them joined hands to sing yet another song in praise of the Lord of Parthi, in His very presence.

The presentation appeared to be very simple, but quite lofty for the theme it envisaged, narrating the Love of Bhagawan that travels all the nooks of the world, opening up many a heart bringing peace unto this world.

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A ten minute presentation of songs on Divinity in different languages followed. At the end Bhagawan blessed one of the singers with a golden emerald ring. As many of the participants made a beeline unto Him, a somber sounding solo, sung by a lady in praise of Allah, followed. As the group continued their singing, Bhagawan was busy giving away gifts to individuals. One particular number followed, typical of Russian, having many beats, started at a slow pace, raised a bit to fall down further, then to climb to peak finally to end up emitting a loud cry with a tail, calling His Name, that faded off merging in silence.

Bhajans by Russians continued and as the clock was ticking to 1900 hrs. Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi. Upon accepting Arathi, Bhagawan sat through, personally giving away clothes to all the participants who made a beeline, coming unto Him in disciplined order. At the end, Bhagawan asked the group to sing bhajans and after one bhajan another Arathi followed before Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram.

Scriptures attribute Lord Vishnu to be Alankara Priya (loves being dressed up nicely). These Russians who performed for the last couple of days displayed wonderful dress code, true to the above saying, appeasing the Lord with the best of their display, showing up in colourful flowing dresses, many wearing typical headbands, some tiara, all in various colours, an exhibition of United Russian Culture. God was mightily pleased and it was obvious from the ‘everlasting’ smile He wore during the past two evenings. Russians made The Lord ‘happy’ and seeing the Lord ‘happy’, rest of Prasanthi joined the celebrations!