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Published on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 1800 Hrs. IST

Ladies' Day was declared and graciously presented to the mighty folks by Bhagawan Himself, empowering them to hold the mantle of the Great Glory of Mother India! Exhorting women around the world to follow the path of virtuous women Bharat has ever produced. From the Vedic ages to the Greek civilizations, from the Renaissance era to the 21st century, women have been known to mould the minds of millions, assuming different roles from that of a mother to a teacher to a leader, they are known to be the backbone of a nation. When Prasanthi revels on the grand festivity yet again, Ms. Jullie Chaudhary reminisces on the entire spectrum of the event. Read on....


Tumsey Paaya Hai Shakti,
Bhakti Sweekar Kijiye, Sai Maa…
Tumsey Hai Hum,
Zindagi Sweekar Kijiye, Oh Sai Maa…
Koti Pranam…Sat Koti Pranam…

Ever since 1995,
19th of November does come alive,
With celebrations for all ladies,
“Women are the repositories of Truth and Culture”
Is what Bhagawan once did say,
And hence this day is known as Ladies’ Day…

Veda chanting by the Ananthpur students,
Immense is their joy, there is no pretense,
And what of the brass band,
For this event so grand?
Elation indeed for the Primary School girls,
Buds of delight in the heart,
Of the Ananthpur campus unfurls,
As together from Yajur Mandiram,
They lead the procession,
In to Sai Kulwant Hall for a divine celebration,
With glee they beat the drum,
The Lord is given a splendid welcome…

This land of Bharat, the Lord did state,
Has given birth to women noble and great,
To delve into their sacred qualities,
To disseminate and release,
Their goodness everywhere,
This day to be dedicated to them He did declare,
Included in the celebrations,
Leading up to the day of His Advent,
Ever since then this commemoration is prevalent…

Women with piety, morality, truth and grace,
The path of righteousness and purity did embrace,
Tested ever so often,
Their honour intact never undone,
Mother Sita, Savitri,
Chandramati, Damayanti,
Whether facing a blazing fire,
Or saving her husband from Yama and the pyre,
Extinguishing flames with the power of truth,
Reducing to ashes an evil pursuit,
Their inner strength no one can refute…

From women sages and seers well versed in philosophy,
Like Maitreyi and Gargi,
To the ones lost in true bhakti,
Andal, Mirabai, Janabai,
Tales of valour to set their country free,
As did Jhansi ki Rani,
Annie Besant, Vijayalaksmi Pandit, Sarojini Naidu,
To name but a few,
As the struggle for freedom did continue…

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Pilots too,
Women have crossed frontiers new,
Science, Medicine, Mathematics or Sports,
Army, Navy or Air Force,
Braving it as an astronaut in space,
Women ceaselessly continue to amaze,
Managing a home and career too,
Bringing about a balance between the two…

But the most important role a woman does play,
According to what the Master does say,
Is that of a mother,
From this what can one infer?
On the woman extra grace the Lord did confer,
The womb of the mother does symbolize Mother Earth,
As the seed sown so the birth,
Virtuous thoughts, words and deeds,
Wondrous fruits are the yields…

“Women are the repositories of Truth and Culture…”
The onus is on all women for sure,
To prove the Lord’s words right,
Keeping values in sight,
Living a life of clarity, depth, morality and insight,
Women were made in the likeness of Mother Divine,
The shape of her character too should so incline,
She symbolizes creativity,
A fine blend of Bhakti and Shakti,
Shaping the destiny of her family,
Bhakti and Shakti leading to Mukti…

As a Mother, she is her child’s first guru,
From the womb this role does continue,
Caring, nurturing, shaping, instructing,
Ever so vital is a child’s upbringing,
To ignore the home a woman can’t afford,
Protect the home, for it is Dharma’s abode,
That is what the Lord has to say,
The home is no trivial place,
For if in the home there is harmony,
Order in the nation there will be,
Leading to peace in the world eventually,
A housewife is also a ‘home maker’ you see,
A home is a place from where the day does start,
Made into a heaven with a mother’s loving heart,
Many a values she can impart,
Along with ethics, humility and truth,
How well turned out and tuned in will be our youth…

The patience of Sabari,
The purity of Anasuya devi,
The valour of Maharani Durgavati,
The courage of Draupadi,
The pure love of mother Kaushalya and Yashoda,
And then the simplicity, intrinsic worth,
And compassion of Easwaramma,
Whose pristine quality impressed the Lord by far,
Through her Mother Earth received an Avatar,
Mother Earth who gives, gives and gives,
In spite of our ways she forgives,
For a golden age she perceives,
Knowing on Earth, in India,
In Prasanthi Nilayam the Lord presently lives…

Blessed are we all to know this truth,
Today we pay a befitting tribute,
To women of many a splendid attribute,
For inculcating values a glorious conduit,
The Lord chooses to honour women on this day,
How can women, this honour repay?
By continuing on the path that is noble and true,
Each moment blazing forth achievements anew,
Diving within towards inner view,
A path that gives each person their due,
Just one sentence packed with many a value,
Taking the Avatar’s message as the cue,
Believe in One overcoming two,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…