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Updated at 12 noon on June 24, 2010

The Primary School in Prasanthi Nilayam can be rightly called as Prasanthi Garden, where tender saplings are nurtured in their initial days of education with loving care under the divine “supervision” of Bhagawan, who dons the role of “The Divine Gardener”!

Fresh academic year brings fresh students. As is the case with any other school, every new academic year brings new ‘saplings’ to this Sai Garden at Prasanthi Nilayam. These tiny tots who are coming with kindergarten experience to the direct hold of Swami are the privileged lot to get the right lessons of true education at a very tender age. With specially trained teachers imparting preliminary lessons of discipline leading their way to leap into a brighter future, these saplings grow into trees,  becoming worthy instruments in His Divine Mission.

Feasting their eyes with His beautiful divine form, semiweekly, on thursdays and sundays on a regular basis apart from festive and special occasions, is the rarest of boons, one of its kind, that is bestowed upon these little children.  These tiny saplings may be too tender to understand the import of this “Sight of His Divine Form”, Darshan, though sooner than later their subconscious would register the right impressions of the greater importance of this exercise called Darshan!

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In Parthi, the next best sight to watch after feasting oneself with Bhagawan’s glorious form is the innocent expressions of these tiny chirping little ones, while Swami passes by the lot.  A silent observer could catch plethora of emotions running through this special bunch, blossoming into beautiful expressions. While sticking to discipline, the first lesson imparted to them at the hallowed portals, albeit enjoying a special degree of freedom by virtue of their tender age, there are hues of added beauty of innocence reflecting from this bunch radiating bliss all around. While some of them would be trying to feel Him within with eyes remain closed, some others with opened eyes would be making an attempt to catch Him live; while another bunch with eyes wide open would be attempting to catch Him spotless another set of ones would remain with their glance riveted at His Feet; yet another group sitting most innocently would be vying for personal attention, a ‘face to face’ with the divine and one could even see odd tiny little ones with tears of nostalgia, being away from home, ignoramus of the fact that they are very much “at home”. These tears would soon vanish within couple of weeks stay in the school enjoying the one-off experience in this “Sai Gurukul”! They would be the happier lot when parents come to meet them during weekends, blurting with their charming innocence with stories galore about teachers, classmates and not the least, Swami and His sweet gifts.

With more than twenty days into this fresh academic year, with the 1st standard just completing a fortnight, these children have already won rare attention from Bhagawan. Glancing over them with His amusing motherly love, while granting them a face to face, Bhagawan, on couple of occasions chose to pause for a while interacting with some of them. This excited bunch while letting loose their innocence, within the fair degree of permissible freedom, many raising on their knees, craning to steal a glance of their Swami, were seen singing full throat, capitalizing their ‘closeness’ with Him.

...And on one of the sunday evenings Bhagawan had His typical ‘Visiting Card’, for this lot, that He brought out in His most inimitable style. While passing by the lot during His evening darshan, Bhagawan asked one of the boys, calling him by name, as to what he wanted. The innocent one opted for Padanamaskar. Bhagawan repeated the question one more time, this time with His power of insistence.  And without pausing further, when His blessed palm moved in circular motion there were lit up faces around, with expressions of awe and joy, as they witnessed Him in action at the closest range, bringing the ‘golden’ from “Sai Stores”. It was a chain with a pendant of Bhagawan which soon adorned the boy’s neck.

Joining the bandwagon, Easwaramma School took its first step towards changing the medium into English. Students from this newly formed English Medium School, many from the villages, are also making their presence semiweekly, on wednesdays and saturdays. Former students of Bhagawan from Anantapur Campus with years experience in teaching have been specially appointed to train these children.

The Lord of Parthi has His tasks cut out and these saplings in Prasanthi Garden at this Sai Wonderland are well taken care of by this bunch of dedicated teachers who don the role of His instruments in molding these saplings into trees before sending them into the world as His ambassadors.

These buds are sure to catch up in due course to blossom into fragrant flowers! Till then, watching these kids growing and glowing in His presence is a real treat to watch.