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Published on Saturday, December 31, 2010 at 1630 hrs. IST

As the clock ticks away the final minutes of the passing year, we are getting ready to embrace yet another New Year, Year 2011. How do we reflect on the past while embracing the "Coming of the New" and what should be our prayers on this occasion? Reflecting on the same from a Sai perspective is Ms. Jullie Chaudhury...Read on...

Ek Kwaish Hai, Ek Binati hai,
Poori Karo Oh, Sai Maa,
Kamal Charano Ki Dhrishya Chahte Hai Hum,
Naye Saal Mey Sabsey Pratham Aur Har Dum…
Beloved Lord, the first moment of 2011,
Bless us do,
With the sight of Thy precious Lotus Feet,
We beseech You…

2010 we bid you adieu,
Fond memories as you take along with you,
Of the Lord’s 85th birthday celebrations,
The joy and immense jubilations,
You have had your moment and must make way,
2011 has been waiting eagerly for a year long stay,
Take your place in the past with a gentle goodbye,
2011 is present in the presence of Mother Sai…

Oh, a fresh new dawn,
At the lotus feet let us dedicate this sparkling morn,
Let go of the past, the years gone by,
Begin life anew hand in hand with Mother Sai..

Many a resolution,
Focus and determination,
Oaths and promises too,
As we ring in the new year with Bienvenue,
But the promises too, soon get buried in the past,
No sustained effort nothing seems to last,
There is a simple way for you and I,
Just one pledge – live only to please Mother Sai…

As the first rays of 2011 caress the Lotus Feet,
Bhagawan accepts this worship, lovingly they greet,
A lesson from Lord Surya is a must here,
A true karma yogi he is, that is clear,
Ever so regular in his rounds is he,
Shining on and nourishing all tirelessly,
Irrespective of class, colour or creed,
He asks for nothing in return for his noble deed,
Touching Bhagawan’s Feet with a silent obeisance,
Knowing the Lord walks the Earth,
He doesn’t miss a chance,
Since the dawn of creation,
He remembers the Lord’s words thorough well nigh,
With his ways he honours,
Every lesson of Mother Sai…

Let us make divinity our destiny,
Pay heed to the lesson of eternity,
Shunning petty trivialities and trivial pettiness,
With an attitude of gratitude,
The mind we should dress,
For everything with which the Lord did us bless,
Beyond the ignorance of arrogance,
Discovering the abundance,
That does within us lie,
When we match our steps with Mother Sai…

Conflicts, Confusion and Chaos,
Population, pollution, poverty - grip and engross,
What can we look forward to in 2011?
Many questions – what, where, why, how, when?
The answers lie with the Avatar of this age,
With our finite minds Him, we can never gauge,
Simple words yet ever so sage -
The past is beyond recovery, those days are gone,
The future you are not sure of,
The given moment is now,
Do not delay in the path of right action;
Response is the way, not reaction,
For reaction is anger and response is love,
Love All, Serve All; Help ever, Hurt never,
And rise above;
When confused about what to do,
These five values will unveil a wonderful view,
Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa,
Removing hurdles will take you far…

So the first dew drops glisten on the green grass,
Ever so fresh are the fragrance of flowers,
Heralding the new day, birds chirp in praise,
Soft and mild are the golden rays,
The Lord is now here, let us proclaim,
Let us chant His name,
As we take our first step of the day,
With palms folded let us pray,
For a life of insight and meaning,
A higher way of living and being,
Not a mere statistic but a worthy instrument,
Thoughts, words and deeds well meant,
To live up to His ideals we may strive and try,
For 2011 let us seek the grace of loving Mother Sai…

As we set our goals,
Even as we play out our roles,
Let us pause for a while,
Wipe a tear, share a smile,
On greed, selfishness and malice let us put a ban,
Let us unite – a brotherhood of man,
Spanning the winged, finned, four legged and two,
Mineral and the plant world through,
Under the blessed fatherhood of God,
For that is the divine accord,
To the ‘I ‘ feeling let us say good bye,
Never I always Sai,
Let us live only to please sweet Mother Sai…

An offering from all of creation, from you and I,
To Mother Sai,
Peace for all beings, Beloved Bhagawan,
For all are dear to You,
Peace for all beings,
For all belong to You,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
This prayer pleases You immensely,
Let us chant it incessantly,
Beyond religion, caste, colour and creed,
Embracing the five elements and human values too,
Through country, planet, space and time,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Peace for all in the Universe,
For all belong to You…