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Published on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 1000 Hrs. IST

Vijaya Dasami, the final day of Navaratri celebrations, denotes victory over evil. Curtain rung down on the Dasara celebrations and it is time to reminisce the beauty and grandeur of the festival of timeless appeal. Here comes a poetic piece from Ms. Jullie Chaudhary narrating what the festivity entails all about...

Jaya Maa, Jaya Maa, Jagadishwari Sai Maa
Jagadishwari, Maheshwari,  Saieshwari  Sai Maa

A festival with timeless appeal,
The thunder from evil, good does steal,
Dussehra, Vijaya Dashami,
A day to celebrate this victory,
Of Maa Durga over Mahishasur,
Mahishasur Mardhini,
Of Sri Rama’s triumph over Ravana,
Where the body was defeated, the soul set free…

Navaratri – the festival of nine nights,
The first three dedicated to Maa Durga,
With Kriya Shakti our body she lights,
The next three nights are for Maa Laxmi,
She fills us with Ichha Shakti,
And the last three nights are for Maa Saraswati,
She bestows on all Jnana Shakti,
So then we benefit immensely,
Being blessed with the power of Action,
Will and Discrimination respectively…

There are nine forms of Maa Durga,
Shailaputri,  Brahmacharini,  Chandraghanta,
Kushmanda,Skandamata, Katyayani,
Kaalratri,  Mahagauri, Siddhidatri,
Each form has a different mount,
Eliminating defeat, distress and disease,
Conferring grace profound,
Each form has a unique attribute,
The supreme glory of the Mother no one can refute…

The Mother Goddess grants divine energy,
Replacing the negative with positivity,
Not only around us but within us too,
A victory that opens up vistas new,
Celebrated with fervor in the month of Ashwin,
A vanquishing of demons without and within…

Effigies of Ravana on Dussehra are being burnt,
But what is the lesson to be learnt,
Ravana according to Mother Sai,
Was an Astrologer par excellent and a Vedanti well nigh,
He fell as his desires were not under control,
Senseless desires took him away from the real goal,
The ten heads of Ravana do represent,       
The senses five and their actions meant,
But that’s the outer Ravana,
What about Kama, Krodha, Lobha,
Moha, Mada, Matsarya,
Within us all the inner Ravana,
That’s what should be burnt away,
As we celebrate this most auspicious day…

She is the Shakti ever present inside us all,
She responded to our distress call,
An advent divine took place in Puttaparthi,
A divine Abode on Earth in Nilayam Prashanti,
An Incarnation of Shiva and Shakti,
Worshipped now as Sathya Sai is She,
Come to set you and me free…

And what does Mother Sai say,
About this festival and this auspicious day:
The Supreme Shakti,
Manifests Herself as,
Durga, Laxmi,  Saraswati,
As Durga, She does us grant,
Physical, mental and spiritual energy,
Not just money,
But intellectual wealth, health, wealth of character,
She does bequeath as Laxmi,
Power of discrimination, intelligence,
And intellectual enquiry,
She confers as Saraswati…

The power of the Goddesses during this time we celebrate,
Acknowledging their Shakti as the greatest of the great,
Yet she can be found in our own mother,
If we worship her, Divine grace we incur,
Our advancement in life she wants constantly,
So she does represent the Goddesses three…

So says the Divine Mother,
Mother Sai and none other,
For energy, material prosperity and knowledge worldly,
There is no need to propitiate Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati,
The one who gave us birth,
When we realize her worth,
Our mother when we love, adore and respect,
In the Goddesses it does reflect…

The mother is our first guru,
She is the one we should value,
And who teaches us so many a value,
When we worship and give her what is her due,
We please the divine Mother that is true…

Nothing need be said further,
Let us follow the words of our Divine Mother,
Oh, indeed it is a boon and a blessing,
Of our ancestors and many a lifetime in passing,
That in Her presence this festival we do celebrate,
What good fortune, immense is our fate,
Celestial beings crave for Her sight,
She is here to eliminate our ignorance and set us right,
She wants nothing from us for replacing darkness with light,
There is nothing that can be given by me and you,
Except a chant of harmony,
That pleases her true,
So let us celebrate this chant on this last day of Navaratri,
This will set us free surely,
A prayer to be recited selflessly,
Bringing peace for all of creation, not only me and you,
‘Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…’