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Posted at 18:51:21 IST on Mar 25, 2010

Sri Rituraj ji Maharaj began with the description of the strategic arrangements made by King Kamsa for killing Lord Krishna and his brother Lord Balram. There were primarily two events organized, one Dhanur yagna and the other Mala Yuda or Wrestling match, with some of his strongest men like Chanur and Mushtik. The Dhanur yagnashala was well protected by Kamsa’s men. Lord Krishna and Balram went inside despite resistance, broke the bow and killed all of Kamsa’s men. Kamsa had suspected that Lord Krishna would overcome the first hurdle so he sent a completely intoxicated wild elephant to kill the two brothers who had arrived from Gokul.

Lord Krishna then asked the mahout of the elephant to move it away so that they could enter the arena where the wrestling match was set up. But the mahout refused to do so saying that the Lord had to fight the mighty mad elephant before HE could enter the arena. Lord Krishna expressed His disinterest in fighting a poor animal but after the mahout persisted, The Lord walked towards the elephant inviting the elephant to attack Him. Lord Krishna looked into the eyes of the elephant and smiled. He then held its tusks, broke it and flung the elephant more than 100 miles away. Lord Krishna and Balram carrying the tusks of the elephant on their shoulders walked into the field where Mushtik and Chanur were waiting for them.

Here Sri Rituraji noted that Lord Krishna tried to convince Kamsa of HIS divinity and immense strength by destroying all the demons sent by Kamsa starting with Puthana to Shakatasura, Aghasura, Denukasura and so onat a very tender age, but of no avail.

Here was a terrific battle that ensued between Lord Krishna - Balarama against Chanur and Mushtik and many other wrestlers. This was just another game for the Lord and HE finally decided to end it. Finally He sped towards the wicked Kamsa and finished him with a single mighty blow. Having killed the hands of the Lord, even Kamsa despite his enmity towards  The Lord, attained HIS Lotus Feet.

Ugrasena was made the King of Mathura with immediate effect before the Lord decided to leave for the prison where mother Devaki and father Vasudev were lamenting at their plight. As soon as Lord Krishna heard HIS mother’s voice HE rushed to her saying “Mother I am here, your days of pain and misery are over, I, your Krishna, am here now”. Both Vasudev and Devaki were ecstatic and were filled with tears of joy. Lord Krishna then liberated HIS parents from the prison.

It was time for the The Lord to attend school. Sri Krishna and Sri Balram went to Sage Sandeepani’s ashram to earn secular education. They learnt the knowledge of weapons, political science, the Vedas and shastras. It was in Sage Sandeepani’s ashram that Sri Krishna met HIS dearest friend Sudhama. They always together, moving, eating, working and serving their guru together. After completing their education Lord Krishna asked Sage Sandeepani as to what Guru Dakshina could be offered to him.

Here Rituraj ji explained that Guru is the one who shows us the way. When a fully accomplished student prostrates at his Guru, the Guru’s heart fills with joy in expectation of a sapling that he laboured to grow.

Hence, Sage Sandeepani, who was overwhelmed, did not ask for anything. But Guru Matha, Sage Sandeepani’s wife prayed to Lord Krishna to bring her son back to life who had died in the sea long ago. Lord Krishna and Balram went into the ocean, killed the sea demon, retrieved and revived Sage Sandeepani’s son and brought him home as their Guru Dakshina.

The scene now shifted to the banks of Ganga where, Sage Suka who was narrating Bhagavatam to King Parikshith. He began to describe the routine of Lord Krishna in Mathura. The Lord’s life is indeed HIS message. Sri Krishna got up early in the morning in Brahma Muhurtha and completed HIS daily ablutions and performed Sandhya before the morning Sun rouse. Lord Krishna would greet HIS parents and Guru and before going out to meet the citizens of Mathura. Only then did He go to the Royal Court.

Sri Rituraj ji continued with the next episode and explained that Kamsa had two wives Asti and Prapti. They were the daughters of King Jarasandha. Jarasandha was one who did everything for himself. He even performed yagna or sacrifices for himself.

Sri Rituraj ji drew a parallel from the story of Sikandar or Alexander the Great, who had dreamt of conquering the whole world, yet at the end, when his death approached him, he asked his men to leave his palms open and hands facing the sky when they took his body in procession, to send this message to the world, that when we come into this world we come empty handed and when we return we go empty handed with absolutely nothing.

Jarasandha who was enraged by the death of Kamsa which had rendered his two daughters as widows, attacked Mathura seventeen times. On his eighteenth attempt he brought with him many other warriors like Kalayovana.

At this juncture Rituraj ji mentioned that in life, One bad habit could bring along with it many more bad habits, but it is also true that One good habit could sow the seeds of goodness in our hearts. Those who compromise their life’s philosophy and don’t stick to their principles and believe only in khana, peena and sona, (eating, drinking and sleeping) would get succumbed to their own lifestyles. He said that man has to live a life of constant effort to realize God in himself and all.

Lord Krishna during HIS battle with Kalayovana was in a mood to script another leela. HE started running away from the battlefield and hence HE is also called as RanChod, Ran means war, Chod means to leave. Lord Krishna then ran into a cave as per HIS own Divine plan. In the cave, King Muchkunda was fast asleep.

King Muchkunda who stayed for a while in the heavens after he fought for the Devas, was asked by Indra the Lord of Swarga as to what was his desire and that he would grant the same. King Muchkunda said that he wanted to meet his wife and children since it had been quite long after he had left them. Indra replied that it was not possible to do so. Because of the difference in time frame between Heaven and Earth, Earth has seen many more years and his wife and children are no more. So Lord Indra offered another wish, to which King Muchkunda replied that having fought so many wars he was extremely exhausted and wished to sleep forever, without being disturbed. Lord Indra assured that he could sleep for as long as he wanted and if anyone would dare wake him up he would be burnt into ashes. He also told the King that it was not good to sleep forever and that Lord Krishna would come and give him guidance for his future at an appropriate time. 

Here Rituraj ji noted that it is only Bhagawan who can give boons and other demi gods can only give assurances. He also said that excess of “nidhra” sleep, “Tandhra” delusion and “Bhaya” fear are very dangerous. It is only Bhagawan’s name and Vairagya or complete detachment from the worldly that can give us freedom from fear. 

Continuing with the story he said that Lord Krishna went into the cave where King Muchkunda was sleeping for years and hid HIMSELF. Kalayovana came running behind the Lord and mistook King Muchkunda to be Lord Krishna hiding there and attacked him. The moment King Muchkunda opened his eyes Kalayovana was burned to ashes. Then Lord Krishna gave the King HIS Divine Darshan. King Muchkunda saw that the entire cave was lit with blue light and the beautiful form of the Lord stood resplendently in front of him.

At this moment Maharaj ji recounted his visit to Rishikesh, Sri  Sivananda ashram, when he had heard that Bhagawan Baba had visited. He said that he was overwhelmed at the great good fortune of Sri Swami Shivananda who could recognize Bhagawan as the Avatar of this age even when Bhagawan was very young.

He continued with the story where, King Muchkunda prayed to the Lord to know who HE was. Lord Krishna then revealed that HE was Narayana HIMSELF and offered a boon to King Muchkunda. The King then asked the Lord for Nirvana which means to merge in HIM.

After a while, seeing that there were constant attacks on the city of Mathura, Lord Krishna summoned Vishwakarma the Divine Architect, to build the city of Dwaraka in the western sea.

Rituraj ji further described the events that led to the marriage of Lord Krishna to Mother Rukmini in Dwaraka. Maharaja of Vidharba, Bheeshmaka had a daughter named Rukmini. Her brother Rukmi wanted to give her hand in marriage to Shishupala. Rukmini who had already given her heart to Lord Krishna wrote to HIM saying that she did not want to marry Shishupala and that she would end her life, if Sri Krishna did not come and take her away with HIM. Lord Krishna then summoned HIS chariot and reached Vidharba. When Rukmini heard the news of HIS arrival, she was overjoyed and sent word to Krishna that she would be going to perform the worship of Mother Gowri and Lord Krishna could come there and take her away with HIM. Rukmi, the one oldest amongst her brothers had other plans. He had stationed thousands of maids who were protected by thousands of soldiers, to guard that area. Rukmini prayed to Mother Gowri that she blesses her with marriage to Lord Krishna just as she has won Lord Shiva Himself as her husband. Lord Krishna made HIS way in a trice, through all that security to reach Mother Rukmini. The moment the soldiers realized, they turned towards Lord Krishna to capture HIM. Lord Krishna simply looked at the approaching soldiers and smiled. They were all mesmerized; each started describing the Lord’s beauty. One said look HE has beautiful curly hair, while one other said look at HIS lotus eyes, a third said look at HIS benign smile and the fourth said look HE is running away with Mother Rukmini. Rukmini’s brother Rukmi began to chase Lord Krishna. After a while HE was so annoyed with Rukmi that the Lord wanted to kill him, but Sri Balram stopped HIM and said “will you kill your own Brother – in – law on the day of your marriage?” So the Lord decided to give him a lesser punishment for all the trouble he had caused. HE shaved half of Rukmi’s head and moustache and sent him away. After they reached Dwaraka, there was a grand ceremonial wedding between the Lord of the Universe Sri Krishna and Mother Rukmini.