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Posted at 21:21:23 IST on Mar 22, 2010

Storyline for the 8th Session delivered on the 4th day of the Yajna, on the eve of 20th Mar 2010

This evening’s talk was predominantly focused on the story of Lord Shri Rama. The Maharaj began his talk narrating the city’s (Ayodhya0 celebration at the greatest happening, the birth of the Lord, Lord Sri Ramachandra.

Among the four brothers born, Laxmana would always stay with Lord Rama while Shatrughna remained always with Bharata. All four would go for playing games at the banks of river Sarayu. On one occasion when Rama lost a game to Bharata, Laxmana enquired Rama, “Brother how can Bharata win when actually he was losing”. Lord Sri Rama, who knew the heart of Bharata, revealed the hidden devotion of Bharata. Rama replied that Bharata would never wish to win against Him. It was He himself who granted victory to Bharata.

All four brothers were attractive but the most attractive among them was Rama. Rama was a devoted son. Every morning after getting up, the first thing he would do was to take the blessings of mother earth, His parents and His guru. At this point of talk, the speaker explained the reason behind the tradition of touching the feet of elders, thus emphasizing that there was no place for superstitions in the Vedic literature.

Moving on to the story of Rama, Vishwamitra approached Dasharatha requesting help from Rama and Laxmana for protecting the yajnas being performed by him. Dasharatha, to whom Rama was so dear, was too scared to throw his young lad into this horrendous task of fighting the mighty rakshasas (demons). He proposed his entire army in lieu of Sri Rama. However, Vishwamitra was not to budge from his demand. Finally, Sri Rama and Laxmana followed Vishwamitra and protected the sacred yajnas from the wrath of wicked demons.

On their way, Sri Rama noticed a huge boulder. It was Devi Ahalya transformed into a rock due to a curse from sage Gautam. Just by a touch of dust particle from Sri Rama’s Feet, Devi Ahalya was brought back to life.

Sri Rama and Laxmana arrived in city of Mithila along with Vishwamitra. The brothers were so charming and radiant that the whole city was at awe at the beauty of the twin princes.  

It was time for Sita swayamvar in Mithila. Great kings have come to participate in it and the list included even Ravana. However, none of the great ones were able to even move Shiva Dhanush, the bow of Shiva, which had to be lifted to win the hand of Sita. Seeing this, king Janaka was worried as to whether his daughter would ever get married. Panic-stricken, he cried out to the august assembly, “Are there no more men of valour left on this earth?” Piqued by this challenge, Laxmana began to describe the power of Sri Rama. Sri Rama calmed him down and then at Vishwamitra’s instance, he decided to ‘give a try’. The all-powerful, almighty and omnipotent Lord Rama not only lifted the bow, in His attempt to string the bow, broke it into pieces.

Being a true Kshatriya, Rama was not ready to bend Himself before Sita allowing her to garland during the marriage proceedings. Rama was much taller than Sita and Sita had no chance to garland The Lord without Him bending before her. Laxmana, upon observing this tricky situation, cleverly fell Rama’s feet, anticipating Him to bend forward to lift him up. As expected a ‘puzzled’ Rama bent down lifting Laxmana, and Sita, capitalizing the right opportunity garlanded the Lord to the delight of one and all. Thus concludes the sacred marriage of Lord Narayana with his eternal consort.

Time came when King Dasaratha decided to relinquish his duty as a king. He decided to coronate Rama as the new king. At this point of time, the erudite speaker raised a question as to what was Rama Rajya or Kingdom of Rama. The speaker opined that Rama Rajya is when all live together in harmony, like the family of Lord Shiva where all contradicting characters, namely, lion, bull, snake, rat, peacock all live together despite the oddity. Similarly, if human beings have feelings of love, respect and sympathy towards fellow men, then they too can live in harmony despite differences in opinions.

The news of Rama’s coronation reached Kaikeyi, who was too happy to hear it. However, in the company of wicked Mantara her mind was poisoned and she turned against Rama. The illustrious speaker warned us against the company of those who are always negative. He advised to keep the company of people who have positive approach in life and are always enthusiastic.

Earlier, Kaikeyi had won two boons, to be asked from King Dasaratha. Kaikeyi used this opportunity and demanded the two boons, the first one being, the coronation of Bharata and the second one, to send Rama in exile into forest for fourteen years. Dasaratha, to whom Rama was his very life, agreed for the former but pleaded to change the later. However, Kaikeyi was determined. In fact, she suggested that Rama, during his exile could do sadhana and attain brahma jnana. The speaker observed at this point of talk that sometimes bad people take the support of good reasoning to prove their point.

When Rama heard the news of His exile he was unaffected though He was to be enthroned. Rama decided to relinquish His claim for the throne and decided to go by what His father had bestowed upon Kaikeyi, the two boons. Sita too decided to join Her husband. Laxmana, the inseparable one from Lord Rama sought the permission of his mother Sumitra to accompany Rama into the forest. Sumitra told Laxmana that Rama is his father and Sita, his mother. He was advised to take care of both of them without any problems.

In the forest, Shurpanakha, sister of Ravana, approached Rama, being charmed by His beauty. She came up with a proposal to marry her. Rama directed her to Laxmana. While Shurpanakha is embodiment of artificiality Laxmana represented reality. They both cannot exist together. In the end Laxmana cut the nose and ears of Shurpanakha. The demons Khara and Dhushana were sent by Shurpanakha to attack Rama and Laxmana. But the demons were killed. When this news reached Ravana he got furious at the loss of these ‘mighty’ demons.

Ravana's  wicked mind worked with a plan to abduct Mother Sita. His plan was to see that Rama and Lakshmana would be lured away by Mareecha in the guise of a golden deer from the hermitage; he could then go there and kidnap Sita. He conceived a plan and Mareecha was asked to execute it.  Mareecha assumed the guise of a lovely golden deer and moved about in the presence of Sita. Sighting it, Sita told Rama: "Look at this beautiful deer. If we can catch it, will it not be an ornament to Ayodhya?" The episode symbolizes human weakness of running behind imaginary and temporary pleasures thus losing the eternal reality.

Hearing Rama’s voice crying out Laxmana, Sita forced Laxmana to go out to help his brother. Laxmana knew that nothing could harm Lord Rama. Mother Sita became emotional and angry and denounced Lakshmana of evil designs. Ravana in the guise of a hermit came to Sita seeking alms. He insisted her to come out to give the alms. Sita, not willing to disappoint a hermit crossed the line, thus falling into Ravana’s trap. The learned speaker observed that we too should never cross the line of human values or else we too would lose peace, symbolized by mother Sita.
While everyone grieved on Sita’s abduction, it was only the old devotee Jatayu who showed strong resistance to Ravana. In a fierce fight Jatayu’s wings were cut by Ravana and the bird fell to the ground. When Jatayu was asked by sages and saints surrounding him about his final wish he replied that he wanted to have darshan of his Lord Sri Rama.

Rama came to the scene to bless His devotee. Putting Jatayu on His lap He proposed give life back to him. However, Jatayu prayed that he had no desires remained and wanted to have his Lord’s darshan.

Though Lord Rama had helped Sugriva to retain his kingdom by killing his elder brother Vali, Sugriva had forgotten this act of grace.  He was reminded of his duty to help Rama in search of Sita and Sugriva sent monkeys in all directions in search of mother Sita. Among all monkeys only hanuman was successful. Hanuman, upon reaching Lanka fought with the Lankan Army and got Meghanatha, son of Ravana as a prisoner. Bringing him to Ravana Hanuman advised him to surrender at Rama’s feet and beg for forgiveness. However, Ravana being a wicked one got furious, set fire to Hanuman’s tail. Hanuman created mayhem in Lanka with his ‘fiery tale’.

Before the Rama – Ravana battle, Vibhishana prayed to Rama as to how he was going to fight the powerful army of Ravana with the monkeys who fight only with stones and trees. Rama assured Vibhishana, and thereby entire mankind that victory is always on the side of Truth. The truth may face troubles, but ultimately truth alone emerges victorious – “Satyameva Jayate”. In the gruesome war that followed, true to the words of Rama, all demons got vanquished.

After the war, Laxmana evinced a desire to see the beautiful golden city of Lanka. Here Rama declared, “Janani Janmabhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi”. Mother and motherland are greater than even heavens.

Listening thus the magnificent story of Rama, Parikshit was filled with greater joy. However, he prayed to sage Suka to tell him about one who had saved him in his mother’s womb even before his birth i.e. Lord Shri Krishna.
Kamsa loved his sister Devaki very much. But when on the day of Devaki’s marriage, he heard a prophecy that Devaki’s son-to-be-born would kill him. An enraged Kamsa was even ready to kill his beloved sister. However, on interference from sage Narada, he agreed to kill only the children of Devaki. He imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudeva. One after other, he killed six sons of Devaki and Vasudeva. The seventh son was the incarnation of Sheshnag himself. He was transported to the womb of Rohini in Gokul. Finally as the 8th son, Lord Narayana himself incarnated. In the prison, He granted His parents darshan of the Lord in the form with four hands.  Devaki prayed to Him to take the form of a baby whom she could fondle with motherly love.

The one who saved everyone from the prison of samsara was born in the prison as Krishna in the midnight as promised to moon during Rama Avatar. When Vasudeva was crossing Yamuna with baby Krishna on his head, Yamuna desired to have darshan of little Krishna. Knowing that this act of Yamuna would drown Vasudeva, Krishna puts his tiny foot out of basket for Yamuna to take His blessings.

When Kamsa came to prison he found a girl child who was in reality an incarnation of Devi herself. He slammed the child on to the walls, but was petrified to see the girl changing into form of goddess Bhagawati who announced the birth of the One who would annihilate him. The Goddess also revealed that the Godly Child has already reached the safest destination. Threatening thus she disappeared. Seeing all this, Kamsa got frightened.

In Gokul, there was excitement about the new born child of Nanda and Yashoda. All were eager to know whether the new born was a boy child or a girl child. The news of the little one’s birth was disseminated. …And the whole city sang good wishes to the Lucky “Divine Parents”.