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Posted at 1210 IST on April 13, 2010

With the arrival of Day 6 of Bhagawan's Delhi Sojourn, the news of His visit to Shimla was also confirmed. The day was hectic for the Divine, yet He came out granting the penultimate Darshan in the evening blessing twilight's assembly with His all encompassing Love! Every Darshan of Bhagawan is an experience and every devotee has his or her own experience with Him, and some of them muses over the same sharing their joy with the world. Read on a musing on the day's developments in the immediate Divine presence, as penned by Ms. Julie Chaudhury.

Scorching is the summer sun in the capital city,
But this is no obstacle for the flocking devotees,
The very presence of Beloved Bhagawan,
Grants all lives a fresh lease…

The hall at the International Centre was already packed to capacity by 8 am on the 14th morning and many a pass holder were unable to get in for darshan. Not to be disappointed they lined up in the lane hoping for a glimpse of the Lord as He passed by enroute to the next venue.

Veda chanting began at 8 am adding that sacred touch to the already charged atmosphere. Bhajans reverberated through the environment at 9 am and all eyes stayed glued to the entry path, especially  made for Bhagwan to reach the stage granting darshan to many an optimistic heart. Every lip and heart sang out a prayer of hope, peace and love.
Swami came out for darshan at 10am elating one and all. A glance of pure love, a coveted padanamaskar, an abhaya hasta…can one ask for more?

Aarati took place at 1030am.

Tender, little hearts, those learning years,
Children are our future,
With great attention, care and love,
These little hearts we must nurture…

The next venue for Divine Darshan was the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar at Kalkaji Extention Area, where the children of the school were to perform in front of Bhagawan.

The stage had been set up on the school grounds and a special platform had been made for Swami opposite the stage. The stage had a beautiful backdrop with a collage of olden day pictures of young “Sathya”. There was ample space for all the devotees to watch this unique performance in the very presence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

The programme that featured various events in the life of Bhagawan's childhood days right up to the time was a nostalgic refresher for the Divine Himself who was seen absorbed in the presentation. It was Unique, because the play was all about Beloved Bhagawan’s childhood right up to the time. The famous Hanuman episode wherein Hanuman stopped Little Sathya from circumabulating his idol, Rishyendramani episode when He Himself danced onstage in place of the famous dancer of those times – Rishyendramani, exhibiting with ease the amazing feat of picking up a needle on the floor with His eyelids to the utter amazement of one and all etc. were depicted taking the audience through the illustrious life of Bhagawan.

The children delighted and charmed everyone with their performances. The drama concluded with a medley of dances – Gujarati Garba, Bhangra, Kathakali, Manipuri, etc. Meaningful bhajans and songs informing all about Bhagawan’s ceaseless humanitarian works, formed the background score as the children danced ever so enchantingly. Their costumes were spectacular. Their performance – professional. The students, their parents and the teachers had put in a lot of effort.

Aarati was lovingly offered to Bhagawan at 1215pm. Beloved Bhagawan then went in to the School building where refreshments were offered to the Divine entourage. ...And before He drove away to His next destination, He blessed the chilren participants of the morning programme. These children were in prayerful mode, chanting the Vedas at the open space opposite to the foyer where Bhagawan's car was parked.

And so the Lord knows the yearning of a true heart,
Shraddha and Saburi along with love and humility,
Is the only thing that attracts the Lord,
As Sri Ram, did He not fulfill the desire of Sabari?

Bhagawan then visited the home of Col. Berry at E 10, Greater Kailash. Blessing the family becoming The Divine Guest at the lunch table, Bhagawan had spent sometime with the family members blessing all of them. . A quiet moment, a Divine interlude!

In the evening it was beyond 7, precisely at 7:25, when Bhagawan came out granting the penultimate Darshan before leaving for Shimla tomorrow morning. As bhajans went on, Bhagawan moved down the ramp going amidst the devotees through the pathway, accepting letters from almost every stretched hand. He even chose to halt for a while at the mini-podium among the devotees granting coveted view of His Divine Form. After spending around fifteen minutes, Bhagawan accepted arathi before retiring for the day.

While it was veteran BJP leader and former Dy. Prime Minister LK Advani who made it to the International Centre seeking Bhagawan's blessings in the morning, in the evening, rest of his family members were at the Centre interacting and receiving Divine benediction. Another prominent figure present in the evening was Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik.

There were some very fortunate people, who by His grace alone, happened to be at the right place at the right time, and managed to get a darshan of our sweet Lord up close and personal. Some through hearsay, some were just passing by…oh, the leelas of Sai Gopala…

Oh! How very blessed are we all to walk the same ground as our Lord,
To breathe in the air that He does exhale,
May the celebrations continue as we respond to His call,
To reach out to all beings – all creatures both great and small,
To Help Ever, Hurt Never; Love all and Serve all,
For Beloved Bhagawan made them all…