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Posted at 2200 IST on Jan 17, 2010

By setting His Lotus Feet at Pujarali, blessing the newest of His Divine Abodes, Anand Vilas, Bhagawan has satiated Shimla’s 'pineful' longing for The Lord's physical presence. After spending two days in the north Indian hill station, The Lord has returned, but not before recharging this erstwhile summer capital with His Divine potency. Shimla is in a rejoicing mood, recapitulating every moment of her rendezvous with Divinity. As Shimla was rendered most sacred by His holy presence, sharing the mood of the hill station, Ms. Julie Chaudhury penned 'her' feelings, catching Shimla’s sentiments on the great “Sathya Sai Sojourn”!!!


Himalayan Whispers



The mighty Himalayan ranges,
Crisp, clean, fresh mountain air,
Towering snow capped peaks,
But their heart lay bare…

For their pride was in the abode,
Of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati,
In the most sacred lake – Mansarovar,
And Mount Kailash where the Lord did dwell, you see…

Their heart lay bare,
For the Lord now dwelt in Puttaparthi,
Assuming the form of Sathya Sai,
The incarnation of Shiva and Shakti…

So they longed and yearned for a glimpse of Him,
From Him they craved a glance,
The sweet gracious Lord answered their prayer with a visit,
Now their hearts did a merry dance…

Nestling in the foothills of the Himalayas,
Is Shimla,
The British called Shimla the "Queen of Hill Stations,"
Shimla, was the summer capital of India before independence,
Now this capital of Himachal Pradesh,
Is in the midst of joyful celebrations…

The mountains look upon the Lord with great delight,
Enchanted by this glorious sight,
Many a greeting and message they send through the breeze,
As it rustles through the leaves of the pine, rhododendron, oak trees,
Softly touching the cascading waterfalls, lakes and streams,
And a myriad sun beams,
Gathering their love too, and that of all the animals and birds,
A feeling beyond words,
With devotion replete,
To be offered gently at the precious, holy lotus feet…

Ever so blessed are the residents of Shimla,
She really is the ‘Queen’, of all cities today,
With gaiety, joy, humility and reverence she does celebrate,
That the Lord chose her for His Divine stay,

Shimla is named after Goddess Shyamala,
An incarnation of Ma Kali,
‘Anand Vilas’ is rendered most sacred,
For that’s where the Lord chose to be,
Sanctifying the area by the touch of His cherished lotus feet,
It will now be a part of His story…

Such is the grace of our Lord,
Ceaseless is His compassion too,
How He reaches out to all,
Let the celebrations continue,
May each life be His message,
Can we not please Him too???