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Published on Monday, November 22, 2010 at 0115 Hrs. IST

His Darshan is the highest boon to humanity, where He walks down, glides on His Lotus Feet, spreading benediction all around. The act...His grace...brings great happiness to the souls gathered and it becomes a Divine Reunion, an Audience with God, writes Sri Prince Chaudhary in his dedication entitled, An Audience with God!


With bated breath, the diverse mix of devotees wait,
Some with closed eyes and folded hands,
A disciplined hush masking their joyous state,
And others with an unblinking stare,
All hoping that Baba won’t be even a moment late.

He appears suddenly,
Just out of nowhere,
And then amongst us,
He is everywhere.

A glimpse of our Lovable Swami,
Electrifies us with love and affection,
And fills our hearts with timeless devotion.

A hush, a thrill,
An uncontrollable ecstasy,
Surges through the crowd,
Sweet bhajans ring the air,
Our souls sing aloud.

On Lotus feet,
He glides with divine grace,
The sight of Him,
Makes our hearts race.

He scribbles a ‘Spiritual Mail’ on space infinite,
And gestures unfathomably,
Perhaps at mankind’s plight.

Healing Vibhuti for some troubled souls,
With a wave of the hand,
Why not a cure for all?
It’s difficult to understand.

Father, mother, to us He is all,
He unhesitatingly answers every call.

He knows the contents before you write,
So if your letter is not accepted,
It’s alright.

From across the globe,
People flock to Him,
Eager and expectant,
Here because of His whim.

The fortunate souls,
Are graced with a rare Interview,
Baba, however, emphasises on Inner view.

Sheer happiness when He ‘arrives’
And sorrow when He’s ‘gone’,
We prepare again for darshan,
Before sunrise, at dawn.

For reasons beyond comprehension,
Perhaps propelled by a Divine nod,
We all gather in unison for -