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distribution of sewing machines and wet-grinding machines to the poor

“Love for God must manifest itself as love for human beings and express itself as service.”
– Bhagawan Baba

The Sai sojourn on earth has been an illustration of immeasurable magnanimity and incalculable compassion. Emulating lessons from Bhagawan’s life, the staff of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur Campus for Women, offered at the Divine Lotus Feet, a service program, on 24th morning, on the occasion of the 80th year of Bhagawan’s Advent. Bhagawan very graciously permitted distribution of sewing machines and wet-grinding machines to 84 women who had only a meagre means of sustenance.

The function began with Bhagawan blessing items like photographs, blouse pieces, spools of threads etc., that were also part of the tokens of Bhagawan’s love that the beneficiaries were to receive. The girl students then melodiously invoked the grace of Lord Ganesha. Following this, each of the 84 fortunate women chosen to receive the gift as a means of livelihood, offered their grateful pranams to Bhagawan while lilting music and commentary were on.

51 women from in and around Anantapur, 11 from Puttaparthi and 1 each from Cheyedu and Hindupur were among the beneficiaries who received sewing machines. Interestingly, 30 of them had already received a short course of training in tailoring at Anantapur. The 19 women who received wet grinding machines were either aged or physically disabled hence could not operate sewing machines. Smt. Bhoodevi of Enumulapalli village received provisions to start a Shanty Shop to earn her livelihood. The dedicated sevadal members of Anantapur assisted in carrying the heavy machines to and from the Mandir, the venue of the function. What, ensued was a soulful musical rendering of ‘Sai Katha’ – the Story of Sai, - string of songs that glorified the Sai sojourn on earth, by the girl students of the Anantapur Campus. Bhagawan oversaw the distribution of prasadam while bhajans were on, and retired to His Abode by around 10. a.m., leaving the throng of devotees visibly inspired and touched.