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Then & Now
A day in Ashram

Excerpts from Divine Discourse

  1. Be Ready to Surrender to God
  2. Children are extremely fortunate
  3. Conduct yourself like Children
  4. Engage in Aatmanwoshana... not Annannweshana
  5. Experience Bliss
  6. Grow more and more in Love
  7. Have full faith in Divinity
  8. Have full faith in God
  9. Love god more than anything else
  10. Love is to be directed
  11. Man is not born
  12. Onam symbolises Love
  13. Receive the Message of Idealism
  14. The Gift of God should be properly Utilised
  15. We have born to attain bliss
  16. You are born for Love
  17. You can accomplish anything in Life