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Then & Now
A day in Ashram


Divine Discourse on Dasara Jnana Yagna Saptakam - Day 1

  1. Everything Happens as per the Will of God
  2. Nature is given to Mankind to Confer Bliss
  3. Realise the Truth
  4. Have Faith in Yourself
  5. Develop Vision of Eyes of Faith
  6. God is our Faith
  7. Cultivate Faith
  8. Develop the Feeling I am I
  9. What does Navarathri stand for?
  10. I am only One
  11. God is your True Friend
  12. Everything is Divine
  13. God belongs to you; You belong to God

Excerpts from Dasara Divine Discourse on 19-10-2004

  1. Bhagawan Speaks on Karma
  2. Indweller is Permanent
  3. Man's Responsibility lies in obeying Divine Command
  4. Veda is the Essence of All Knowledge

Divine Discourses on 20th, 21st and 23rd October 2004

  1. Bharatiya Culture is Mother and the Land of Bharat is the Father
  2. Bhajagovindam…Bhajagovindam
  3. On Vedanta
  4. Tat-Twam-Asi
  5. I am I
  6. Drown your senses in the Divine
  7. My Students are My Property
  8. Personification of Compassion Lord Shiva is standing right in front of you
  9. Develop love for God and fear of sin
  10. Declare that Bharat is my Motherland
  11. Bharat stands highest among all nations
  12. Foster the spirit of Sacrifice
  13. Have Love and Sacrifice for the Motherland