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Cultural Programme by Devotees from Chittor, A.P.

Any venture taking shape in the Divine Presence, backed by a noble intent is bound to find fruition. Over the years Prasanthi has been witnessing a phenomenal movement – Parthi Yathra – annual pilgrimages suffused with rigorous spiritual practices running for several months, culminating in the Divine Presence of the Avatar of the age, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Prasanthi has been rejoicing to receive and celebrate hundreds and thousands of such devotees from various districts of Andhra Pradesh, coming with prepared schedules, one followed by another district as part of this solemn spiritual endeavour, Parthi Yathra.

The latest entry in Prasanthi Nilayam was by Chittoor, the privileged South Indian district of Andhra Pradesh that is housing the Lord of seven hills, Lord Venkateswara of Tirupathi apart from boasting two other pilgrim centres of fame, namely, Kanippakkam and Srikalahasti. Over 3500 devotees from the district have joined this year’s Parthi Yathra, scheduled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th February 2009. Various range of activities like chanting Sai Gayathri for crore times followed by multifarious service and spiritual initiatives have been going on in the run up to this Parthi Yathra.

'SRI PADALU', a skit

February 03, 2009

The highlight of the 3rd evening was a dance drama, Sri Padalu by the youth from the district portraying effective transformation a Sai Student could make in the lives of the youth of India and the world. This was the story of a youth from Chittoor, who turned out to become an Atomic Scientist whose master designs of nuclear weapons turned out to be disastrous, killing millions. Upon coming back to India, after duly getting transformed with the holy association of an alumnus from Sri Sathya Sai University, the scientist wanted to seek amends in his life as an act of repentance. Towards achieving this end he was taken to a pilgrimage to the various temples in Chittoor district, namely Kanippakkam, Srikalahasthi and Tirupathi. Showed, guided and inspired by the Sai Student friend, the scientist, seeking His Divine Lotus Feet prays to Bhagawan to pardon his sins to follow the path shown by Bhagawan. An affective portrayal suffused with melodious music aptly depicting the story of transformation.

Speech, Distribution of Essential Implements & Music Programme

February 04, 2009

With His famous dictum Practice the Precept Bhagawan had invested a modest yet commanding influence on the Sai Fraternity, the world over, to walk the talk with His teachings spreading His message, Love all Serve All, Help Ever Hurt Never.  Love all serve All Serve All has been the affective practical mantra for the world wide Sai Movement, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, passing His teachings affectively translating His yet another famous dictum, My Life is My Message, serving and transforming individuals and society en masse.  

Taking a cue from His teachings, the inspired youth from the district organized distribution of implements to the selected individuals from the district, who have been brought over to Prasanthi Nilayam as part of the Parthi Yathra. Over 85 such selected ‘hapless’ turned lucky souls had the rare privilege of receiving these extra graciousness while receiving His chosen blessing, His Divine Graciousness on the evening of 4th February 2009 in the Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam. With the Lord watching over, as their names were called out, these selected folks came forward one after one, offering their heart-felt pranams before receiving implements, namely, sewing machines, grinders, iron boxes, weaving machines, sprayers etc. Before the distribution, introducing the programme, Prof. Anil Kumar spoke about Bhagawan’s special affection for Chittoor, narrating with rhetoric excellence, some of the anecdotes taken from the early years of His Story. This included the revival of a great devotee by name Radhakrishna, from death back to life! Distribution was followed by a bouquet of soulful rendering by devotees lead by Balakrishna Prasad and party followed by reminiscing amidst music by the family members of Kuppam Radhakrishna, as a special offering at His Divine Lotus Feet.

Bhagawan has always been stressing on spreading His message to the nook and corner of the world and Sri Sathya Sai Organisation in Andhra Pradesh seems to be carrying His words in the right earnest in organizing district-wise Parthi Yatras every year with en masse participation that includes inspired fresh faces. Subtle ways of the Lord not are to be taken lightly. He pulls the strings and the world comes to His Lotus Feet; He wills and everything happens. 

Bhagawan accepted Mangala Aarathi before retiring to Yajur Mandir.