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Posted at 1630 IST on April 9, 2010

Delhi’s joy becomes the moments of desperation for Prasanthi. As the national capital is gearing up to welcome the most anticipated moment, the “Return of The Lord”, after eleven long years of anticipation, Prasanthi bid farewell to The Lord who embarked on a weeklong visit to the national capital starting from tomorrow.

Despite the intense summer, at 13 hrs. post lunch, Sai Kulwant had good assemblage of devotees anticipating Bhagawan to make His entry enroute to His scheduled departure at 2:15.

To the delight of thousands assembled, Bhagawan came in His Toyota Porte at 1:43 on His way to the Airport. Stopping for a while at the centre near the lion at the ladies' side, Bhagawan blessed the assemblage, while coconuts were broken and Arathi was offered, a regular sight during Divine departure over the years. Upon accepting Arathi and blessing the concourse, Bhagawan drove past the hall at 1:45. Blessing scattered groups of devotees awaiting enroute, intending to steal a glance of the Lord braving the scorching sun, Bhagawan arrived at the Sri Sathya Sai Airport at 2:07, driving directly towards the flight. Boarding the plane at 2:11, the specially chartered Kingfisher VT KFG airliner took off at 2:32 after a five minute runway run, embarkng on a two hour airborne sojourn carrying the Lord to the national capital, Delhi. Hundreds of onlookers, including staff and students were at the airport wishing “Happy Journey” to Bhagawan for His weeklong Divine Sojourn.

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In the meantime reports from Delhi indicates of the mood of merriment of the greater anticipation of His Divine Arrival.

Here comes the musings on the mood in Delhi…

Oh, how He fulfills the yearning of every heart,
The longing has to intensify,
Incessant is the flow of grace, of the One who lived in Shirdi,
But now walks amongst us as Sathya Sai…

India’s capital city – Delhi, truly became the nation’s pride, as it so lovingly and joyfully prepared to welcome Beloved Bhagawan on this afternoon. The Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, New Delhi, is being decorated gaily. Shamianas have been put up, there are flowers of a myriad colours, red carpet everywhere that Beloved Bhagawan will tread. Sai brothers and sisters are on Seva Dal duty are seen sharing information to all who are eager for a darshan of The Lord. There is a kind of expectancy and excitement in the air which is so palpable. Lord Surya seems to have softened His rays, birds are chirping with delight, animals too have sensed the visit of the Lord, the leaves on the trees are swaying with joy as the breeze brings news of Bhagawan’s arrival…

Like coming across an oasis in the middle of a desert, Bhagawan’s visit is an event that every parched heart is looking forward to. When one listens to the news on any channel or in the newspapers, all one gets to hear is negative things that makes one feel threatened, frustrated and helpless. Beloved Bhagawan – His very name, His darshan, sparshan and sambhashan is the beacon of light, hope and love that all are looking forward to.

The flying chariot for our sweet Lord is scheduled to arrive in the Rajdhani at around 4:30 pm. The International centre is being beautified even as Brindavan was when Sri Krishna returned for a visit. Can one imagine the joy of the Brijvasis – the cows, calves, the gopis, gopas? Delhi too, will with great fervor and humility receive the touch of the Lord’s Holy Lotus Feet after a separation of ten years…

The world over, the attention of Sai fraternity and spiritual seekers is fixed on Delhi, as devotees await news of the Lord’s visit. If we but let our imagination flow, we can perhaps visualize the flying chariot in the blue sky, with Lord Ganesha in front leading the divine entourage, Lord Kartikeya and Ananta Shesha as Lord Balram, on the two sides as escorts, and of course, Sri Hanumanji following…a sight fit for celestial beings!!! There will be a brilliant glow in the sky that will move northwards over India to descend into New Delhi and all will benefit from the constant flow of grace.

How very fortunate are we all to get even a glimpse of the Lord in this His present Avataric form!!!